Visit Taman Negara at Kuala Tahan, Part Two


Our day two schedule is visit Lata Berkoh and a night walk to Tahan Hide to observe wildlife. Lucky for us, another good sunshine day for our boat trip with nice peaceful river ride to Lata Berkoh.


Our friendly and experienced guide, Mr Rusli sat behind my girlfriend. The river is shallow, about the height around knee, most part of river along the way to Lata Berkoh flowing slowly and doesn’t have strong current such as “shooting the rapids” boat ride, Kuala Trenggan up stream of Sungai Tembeling.


Unlike normal boat ride, there will be a person at back controlling engine and direction, another one will be at the boat head equip with a long stick to push the boat in height / further direction and levelling balance of the boat.


Especially on the current part of the river, head boat person will get busy with observing condition of river, using hand pushing boat with weight of body by controlling further turn of direction and centre balance of the boat. A tropical forest of boat riding skill that need years of experience, for us, we will easily crash the boat or get stuck on the branch within minutes.


Passing by Lubuk Simpon, a nice hang out point where you can swim and enjoy your play with multiple-jump rocks throwing. The place can be access by one of the trail from Mutiara Taman Negara, distance around 800m, refer to this map:


Comfortable and cozy feeling surround by our very own country’s nature, trees that covers us from the hot scorching sun, moist from river that create freshness and extremely well to breath air compare to Kuala Lumpur.


The photo clearly shows the shallow of river and lots of rocks in certain parts. This is where we stopped for boat ride, where the boat need to slightly hit those rocks with head person stand and give push back force from front to avoid damage on the boat.


Sun bath lizard, saw quite a number of these type of lizard, which lying comfortably under spot with ray and enjoy sun bath. From the boat stop, an easy trekking of 20 minutes will bring you to Lata Berkoh.


Here is how the Lata Berkoh looks like, different level with stairs alike river stream creates multiple mini waterfalls. The water is very clear but comes with tea colour, according to our guide, the water is not dirty at all, the colour is naturally because of the combination of leaves, woods, sands, seeds and reflection of trees.


The amazing part is visitor allow to enjoy dipping into the river, fresh cold mini with strong waterfall that almost push my spectacles away.

Finished enjoy our Lata Berkoh trip and heading back for night walk to Tahan Hide to observe wildlife activity. Camera won’t be able to capture due to far distance and extreme dark environment, did saw a deer searching for food after waiting for an hour.

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