Visit Taman Negara at Kuala Tahan, Part One

Went for a 4 days 3 night visit at Taman Negara (Kuala Tahan, Pahang), been long heard about it but never had a chance. Finally me and my partner decided to step in our very own national park on October 2013, here is our adjusted itinerary according to our own preference.


There are two ways to get into Taman Negara, first, by boat (3 hours) from Kuala Tembeling Jetty or by road (tour van/self vehicle) to Kuala Tahan. We chose self driven by car since the road condition is well maintained according to tour agent, Tahan Holidays. It spare us more time by self driven which we can take a look around Jerantut and have a breakfast.


Our path: Kuala Lumpur -> Karak Highway -> East Coast Highway -> Temerloh (Exit) -> Jerantut -> Kuala Tembeling Jetty. Signboard to Taman Negara can be seen along the way after exit Temerloh toll. It took us around 4 hours to Kuala Tahan include a stop at Jerantut.


Those who drive there have to be extra careful, chances of encounter animals crossing and walking at road side are very high. Case as image above happened twice, where the cow resting on the road and some crossing over.


A brief introduction extracted from Wikipedia: Taman Negara was established at the Titiwangsa Mountains, Malaysia, it has a total area of 4,343 km² and has a reputation as the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. Taman Negara Pahang is the largest at 2,477 km², followed by Taman Negara Kelantan at 1,043 km² and Taman Negara Terengganu at 853 km².

The park has been developed into a famous eco-tourism destination in Malaysia. There are several geological and biological attractions in the park (ex: Canopy Walk, Bukit Teresek, Lata Berkoh and more). All visitors to the park must get permits from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks.


Opposite is where you park your car, floating restaurant and boat jetty on the side. You have to take boat to crossover everytime you can to enter national park. We met our friendly tour guide here, Mr. Rusli Bin Dollah (Chief Nature Guide), can be contact by mobile 014-2923784.


Famous star at Mutiara Taman Negara chalet, the barking deer. Easily seen it surfing around chalets, the deer does not scare of visitors getting close and taking picture of it.


You can actually touch the deer and it is very friendly.


Our guide introduce this plant seeds, where the juice can be use as natural hair shampoo, mix with some water and use it to clean hair.


According to our guide, the name of the plant is “Tapak Hantu”, which means “ghost’s footprint” in english.


Baby scorpian rest under the sun, as big as my thumb.


At the top of Bukit Teresek (334m), fairly easy to “hike” or walk. On the opposite site, tallest peak with clouds around is the highest point (2,187m) in Peninsular Malaysia, Gunung Tahan.


Trekking back to lower ground, as image captured, the trail are well built with nice firm woods with support of steel. One thing to mind is the gap of the stairs are quite big which will hurt knee if a person have knee pain as myself.


Amazing view while on the hanging bridge, exciting as the height is far apart the ground.


The Canopy walk, one of the famous attraction. Very long trail for the hanging bridge itself, part of it is under maintenance, extending part will be open on year 2015.
Very tall hanging bridge, an exciting experience

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