Kikuya Japanese Restaurant @ Bandar Sungai Long


Stayed at Sungai Long for years, passed by and seen this restaurant uncounted times, even before it shifted from Sungai Long old town. Me and my girlfriend just had a stop at Maybank and decide to give a try on Kikuya restaurant that locate nearby.


It was a late lunch, last group of working ladies just finished and left only us in the restaurant. The restaurant is spacious, estimate should be enough to fit in 40 peoples or more. There are three sections/ types of seats, Japanese type, normal type as picture above and smoking area seats at the left.


Price of foods consider affordable for Japanese meal, we took a grill fish Bento set, chawan mushi, inari sushi and two green tea, total cost of RM 30+. Food quality is average, not the best and not the worst, me and my girlfriend likes the grill fish among all, inari sushi is not on par with other restaurant as the rice is not the kind we expected.


More and more franchise restaurants available at Bandar Mahkota Cheras now (ex: western, fusion korean), but still lack of Japanese over there, Kikuya is one that nearby around can be include in the list.


Ratings: 6.5/10
Map: Foursquare
Tel: +60390190352

Kikuya Japanese Restaurant
12A-G, Jalan SL1/13,
Bandar Sungai Long 43000,
Kajang, Selangor

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