Redmi: Weak Phone Signal and Data Connection Issue

*12/04/2014 update: the issue was solved, refer [Fixed] Redmi Weak Signal @ Xiaomi Service Centre Singapore

Brought in Xiaomi Redmi from Singapore to Malaysia, used it for a week now. Everything is nice, but there is a big problem as a “phone”, the signal is so weak that you can’t even make a proper call especially in housing area.

The problem can separate into two issues: first, radio signal strength to telco (tested on: Maxis, Digi, uMobile) on redmi is very low compare to HTC One X+ and Sony Experia Arc. It is either one bar, empty bar or direct drop into “Emergency call only”. Second, frequent changing of different data connectivities EDGE, HSDPA and HSPA (plus), that creates few seconds gap without any signal while it changing.


After done some searching, these are some methods i’ve done on trying to solve the weak signal issue:

i) changed sim card from Micro-sim to Mini-sim (the actual size that used in Redmi)
ii) tried 3 different telco with friend’s sim cards, which all still shows low signal with only 1-2 bars
iii) phone updated to latest MIUI version: MIUI-JHBSGBA13.0
iv) went in General settings -> Mobile networks settings -> both preferred network type and Access Point Names -> select on 2G (suggest by MIUI forum member)
v) get in *#*#4636#*#* to select on “GSM auto (PRL)”
vi) dial into engineer mode *#*#13411#*#* -> tested to set preferred network type to GSM only and GSM/WCDMA (auto)
vii) set the CPU usage to “high performance” by creating custom config in Security app -> Battery configuration (suggest by MIUI forum member)
viii) reported lower signal reception at the place i stay to telco forum: Poor Signal
ix) done reset in: Backup & reset -> Factory data reset -> checked on Erase app and Erase SD card -> Reset phone
x) as instructed by Singapore Xiaomi staff from email, i have tried 2 times on: wipe data/factory rest -> delete all user data, then wipe cache partition in recovery mode

#empty signal bar
#method v
#method vii

All above methods failed to get a better signal. Signal bars sill not stable with frequent drop from full bars to no bar, frequent change between H+, H and E and shows “Emergency call only” on lower signal area (which other phones still able to connect 3G with 3 signal bars on).

Forum threads on the issue:

i) MIUI forum: Signal Problems with Redmi
iii) MIUI forum: Xiaomi Hongmi ( RedRice) Bugs/Issues/Solutions (STABLE ONLY), stated by Mr. kejlycz

Category: B
3G signal strength on SIM1 is very unstable (showing nearly no signal to full signal on the same place without move)
Device version: WCDMA
MIUI version: 13.0

Same issue can be found in official chinese Xiaomi forum too, posted by numbers of users as below:

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3 years ago

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3 years ago

Root your xiaomi, install mobileuncle mtk tools, open and enter engineer mode/engineer mode (mtk)/fast dormancy/enter config fd/turn off r8 fd & legacy and reboot …
If not working its your hardware problem, just sent it for warranty services :)…
Mine working fully after that method i use to be 🙂

3 years ago

Hi have same issue not week signal no emergency calls only and no service i have done many times factory reset but no solution found kindly help me, it is irritating very much.

3 years ago

It seams to be a design of MI to send bugs in updates and force customers to change their phones

11 months ago

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