Bandar Sungai Long to Lenggeng Bike Route

Supposed to ride from Batu 18 Ulu Langat to Perez on Sunday morning, but end up my way to Lenggeng (Negeri Sembilan) due to friend can’t make it for Batu 18 ride.

Route start from Bandar Sungai Long -> goes up to Silk Highway -> turn into Semenyih -> University of Nottingham and Broga Hill @ Broga -> after Broga town turn right to Lenggeng direction. Check out movescount: move27192662 for more details.

Hazy Silk Highway because of the forest burning from both Indonesia and Malaysia.

Air condition and the sky is so hazy where you can look directly to the sun @ Semenyih, nearby University of Nottingham, going towards Broga hill direction.

University Nottingham is having their 6th Annual Nottingham Charity Run (2014), another big group of mountain bike riders and 3 foreigners from Singapore are riding to the same direction.

This is my destination, Lenggeng, with surprisingly nice road condition, very light traffic (on sunday morning), will definitely come back again for ride next time. *Notice: while on the way return to Broga from lenggeng, there is a “Y” shape road which lead to another places if continue straight, to get back Broga, turn sligh right and follow the broga sign board.

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