Bukit Timah Nature Reserve @ Singapore

My partner suggest for a morning trek activity to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve at Singapore on last weekend that never been before. Surprised me with how well kept it is and the well guided maps compares to those nature reserve in Malaysia, but i find it is too crowded, visit on weekday migght be more relaxing and will be able to enjoy more on the nature.

“Bukit Timah, which literally means “tin hill” in Malay, was already identified on the 1828 map by Frankin and Jackson as Bukit Timah. The hill was depicted on the map towards the northwest as two hills at the eastern source of the Kranji River.”

“Bukit Timah is an area in Singapore and a hill in that area. Bukit Timah is located near the centre of the Singapore main island. The hill is the highest point in the city-state of Singapore. Bukit Timah is considered the most expensive district in Singapore. Many high-profile personalities, expatriates and professionals reside in this posh district with houses, designer villas, bungalows and high-end condominiums.”

This shop provide bicycle rental and basic repair service, it was already start operate while we reached on 0830 morning.

Choose the colour of the trail you want to follow, there will be indication on a wood on roadside of every junctions with colours, follow the colour for your selected path.

You can spot numbers of information board on routes, plants and insects around bukit timah. Every junction and hut will have a map and pointers, stated location of your current position so you know where exactly your are.

Many folks are doing outdoor activities here, includes mountain bike ride, trekking, trail running and saw one that practising with two hiking poles and fully loaded 60 litre backpack.

Peak of Bukit Timah, the highest point in the city-state with altitude of 163.63 metre, not much scene over here as you can see in video captured below.

The trail is pretty flat with not much slopes, and well build with stairs on few incline parts.

There are few junctions to longer trails, we done a medium which can have a view of Singapore Quarry. IF you are planning for bigger circuit trails, do remember to bring enough water and some snacks, it took us near 2 hours to complete the medium trail: move26799133

The Singapore Quarry which you can pay a visit, refer “Singapore Quarry – A Hidden Treasure” for more information.

On the way back, you can refill water at at the road side of the building near entrance.

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