Wello: iPhone Case that Measure Your Health Condition

I have been seeking for a wearable device or some equipment that can measure heart rate, few gadgets comes in mind such as: a) Suunto watches that display accurate reading but will need to wear a heart rate belt that might cause inconvenient for daily use. b) Mio Alpha watches that is just too big for small wrist. c) Samsung Galaxy S5 that is way above my budget.

Then i read about a product name Wello by Azoi Inc., a health monitoring device that embedded within a iPhone polycarbonate case (for iPhone 4S, 5 and 5s models). There are few sensors inside the case where it can measure a number of key vitals includes: heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature and lung function (with add on device “lung-tester”).

(top white ECG (Electrocardiography) Lead 1, top Green is the ECG Lead 2, middle yellow is sensor 1, middle blue is sensor 2)

To use it, switch on Wello (the device will draws power from it own’s internal rechargeable battery), hold on the 4 spots (as those highlights on image above) on the case for a few seconds while sensors take measurements, then it will quickly pass on gathered information to the installed Wello app through Bluetooth LE and readings will appear on your phone to see or share.

Pre-order for Wello is available now, for limited time they are offering special price USD 199 together with lung-tester attachment for free. For Malaysian, that is RM 693.32 (current currency exchange) by paying with credit card (07 March 2014), shipment will be on around summer and fall of 2014. Unfortunately, it will not be ship to Malaysia (only includes Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom and across the European Union), nearest to get is to ship it over our neighbour country at south, Singapore.

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