Suunto Ambit: Broken Strap Rubber

Broke my Suunto Ambit strap rubber on a running session after using it for more than a year. The rubber just fall off while running without me noticing it, and i have not putting any force by accidentally hook on tree branch or anything else.

Couldn’t find genuine replacement for it except for buying a whole replacement strap set that will cost near to RM 200. Doesn’t want to spend too much on it, so i asked for suggestion and advise from Malaysia Suunto Team (Movescount) group. Surprised me that there are 3 more members facing the same issue, perhaps Suunto need to into their durability of their product as this is the second issue, refer the first one Suunto Ambit Strap Screw fall off.

With the active response by many group members, few options provided:

i) Mr. Hazwan Hassan and Mr. Darul Azzuan Rosman, buy the genuine replacement strap that might cost RM 150 – RM 400 based on model
ii) Mr. Afiq Samian: “bought RM8 watch at pasar malam just to take the strap and put it at my suunto”
iii) Many users suggested, Rubberband

So, rubber band it is as image below, take it off from my camera product that initially use for tie up cables. It last for short running, 2 hours trekking and seems still able to lasts for few more activities before it broke off.

Check out the full discussion in Facebook group: Malaysia Suunto Team (Movescount)

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Thank you for the great idea! Happened to my Quest.

3 years ago

Four watch straps broke in the last year. Three Suunto one Garmin. Cheap plastic.

9 months ago

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