Oppo N1 coming to Malaysia on 18th Feb 2014

Oppo N1 yet to enter Malaysia market after a month from release where the phablet was unveiled on 23 September 2013, pre-loaded with two variants of firmware: Oppo Color Os that released on 10 December 2013 and CyanogenMod Edition (Android 4.3) that released on 24 December 2013. The phablet is one of the most innovative smart device among the getting bored market which most of the new model refresh by update its processor, camera sensor, RAM and some boring stuffs.

Oppo N1 is an device that comes with innovative hardware, such as: 13MP dual LED f/2.0 rotating camera, “O-touch” rear touch panel, bluetooth accessory called “O-Click” in the box (for alarm, notification light, camera shutter trigger). Others are the massive 5.9-inch Full HD screen, Gorilla Glass 3 and large 3610 mAh battery capacity. On software side, N1 is the first Android device to offer an official version of the popular after-market Android distribution CyanogenMod as pre-loaded software, firmware that i will definitely choose compare to stock android from Google, overlays such as HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, etc. Refer Oppo N1 full sepcs at here.

Good new for those interested in Oppo products, the chinese smartphone manufacturer will announce their official entry to Malaysia market on 18th February 2014 by introduce company latest flagship Oppo N1, together with another four Oppo smartphones: Find 5, Find 5 Mini, R1 and Neo.

For more detail info, navigate to Oppo N1 official site, CyanogenMod Edition site and Oppo Malaysia Facebook. Check out some oddball marketing videos from CynogenMod and Oppo at below,

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