Health Study: Fucntions of Kidneys

i) Functions of Kidneys

As according to Dr. Ben Kim, Kidney responsible for 5 critical functions:

  • keep your blood clean by filtering it of waste products and eliminating these waste products from your body as urine
  • convert Vitamin D to its most active form
  • help maintain a proper balance of fluids throughout your body
  • produce an enzyme called renin, which is needed to help maintain your blood pressure
  • secrete a hormone called erythropoietin, which is responsible for stimulating the production of red blood cells in your bone marrow
  • “With every beat of your heart, large amounts of blood are delivered to your kidneys via your renal arteries. Inside your kidneys, your renal arteries split up into a number of smaller branches that distribute blood to your nephrons, which are the microscopic processing units of your kidneys; you have about a million nephrons per kidney.”

    “Within each nephron, there are specialized beds of capillaries (even smaller blood vessels) called glomeruli. The glomeruli filter your blood, and pass the filtrate on to a series of specialized tubules that are collectively known as the renal tubule – it’s in the renal tubule where urine is created.”

    “In understanding the work that your kidneys are forced to undertake to filter your blood and produce urine, I hope it’s clear that drinking large amounts of water when you’re not thirsty is a good recipe for prematurely wearing down your kidneys as you age. Your body is not like a plumbing tube that gets cleaner by flushing large amounts of water through it. A number of your organs, including your kidneys, are designed to keep your body clean by continuously eliminating waste materials. If you want to prevent illness as you age, a top priority should be to prevent unnecessary burden to your kidneys and other waste-eliminating organs.”

    ii) Taking care of Kidneys

    Two important ways to protect your kidneys from prematurely breaking down:

  • Don’t eat too much protein (refer Dr. McDougall’s Kidney Disease for more info)
  • Don’t take over-the-counter pain pills on a regular basis
  • To prevent premature breakdown, the best “medicine” for all of organs included kidneys:

  • eating a plant-based
  • minimally processed diet
  • getting enough physical and emotional rest
  • getting regular exposure to fresh air and sunlight
  • being physically active.
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