Spotify: unearths the soundtracks to Malaysia’s top holiday destinations for 2013

With festive holidays fast approaching, Malaysians are flocking to book foreign holidays over the coming months. Spotify has created a series of playlists celebrating the local music and culture of Malaysians’ top 10 holiday destinations* that media can use to enhance online travel coverage this summer.

The series of bespoke playlists can easily be embedded into online editorial coverage using the Spotify Play Button.

The top holiday destinations (Data sourced from Jepret Grafer, based on a survey by TripAdvisor) for Malaysians this summer, and the must-have playlists that represent them are;

1. Singapore
2. Bangkok, Thailand
3. Hong Kong
4. Krabi, Thailand
5. Kuta, Indonesia
6. Seoul, South Korea
7. Bandung, Indonesia
8. Taipei, Taiwan
9. London, England
10. Patong, Thailand

The playlists are made up of a diverse array of music from across the globe and include everything from current pop music that epitomise Malaysians’ top holiday destination of Singapore – where famous singers such as P!nk and Justin Timberlake will be belting out of speakers in some of Singapore’s coolest stores while you’re shopping in this cosmopolitan city.

Bangkok, which takes second spot on the list, is a regular draw for people in Asia. It is often seen as a short getaway destination for a long weekend with affordable hotels and delicious food. Malaysians’ love for good bargains makes this an attractive destination for groups of friends and even couples. In its Bangkok playlist, Spotify has charted the sounds that embody the hustle and bustle of the multi-faceted city.

Kuta, which takes 6th place on the list, has been perceived as the quick island getaway, attracting Malaysians, especially couples for a romantic getaway. In addition, the love for the sun and pristine beaches are another reason for the popularity of the city. Spotify has created a playlist which includes hits by Indonesian artist, Anggun, who has carved an impressive name for herself in the global scene.

Spotify Premium’s Offline mode is perfect for taking all the music you’ll ever need on holiday with you this summer. You can simply sync Spotify playlists to your mobile devices for offline playback, meaning you can continue to enjoy thousands of tracks while avoiding potentially expensive roaming charges when abroad.

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