AMD Malaysia: Elite A-Series APU Media Event @ Lowyat Plaza, Concourse

AMD, a global pioneer in chip design and embedded technology solutions launched its latest Elite A-Series APU, the A10-6800K codenamed “Richland” at Lowyat Plaza, Concourse Area today to bring in the latest Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) technology for consumers. The event was hosted by Mr Alex Tan, Country Manager of AMD Malaysia.

Mr Alex Tan (left), Country Manager of AMD Malaysia and Mr Jerry Lu (right), Country Manager of MSI Malaysia and Singapore were present to witness the launch that officiated the product’s arrival to Malaysia.

About Elite A-Series APU

  • The new AMD A-Series APU is ideal for desktop PC builders and mainstream gamers wanting outstanding performance for their money, and today AMD delivers an excellent new follow-on to the recently announced mobile lineup
  • The combination of high-performance, third-generation desktop APUs with our existing portfolio of low-power, mobile APUs gives us our strongest-ever lineup of products for AMD customers and AMD technology partners
  • The new AMD A-Series APUs combine AMD “Piledriver” CPU architecture with AMD Radeon™ HD 8000 Series graphics on the FM2 motherboard infrastructure. The ability to support existing A85X, A75 and A55 platforms as well as forward compatibility with FM2+ motherboards provides users the ability to buy now with the flexibility to upgrade as new platforms come to market. In addition, these APUs feature maximum clock speeds over 4 GHz for next generation compute workloads
  • Utilizing the latest AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series graphics, the Elite A-Series combines the CPU and up to 384 Radeon parallel processing cores to offer up to 15 percent increased graphics performance over its predecessor.
  • The Elite A-Series APU for desktops supports new AMD Radeon™ Memory Gamer Series at 2133 MHz. When paired with an A-Series APU, the DDR3-2133 MHz Radeon Memory Gamer Series will give up to a 13 percent performance increase over DDR3-1866 MHz memory
  • The “AMD Cool & Fun” Roadshow” will be available for public to experience AMD latest technology at Low Yat Concourse from 24th June to 30th June 2013. Check out the Gameplay performance session as videos below,

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