Metz: Mecablitz 50 AF-1 V4.0 firmware for Pentax

After a long waiting, Metz finally released firmware version 4.0 update on 18th June 2013, for their Mecablitz 50 AF-1 flash unit for Pentax camera. Pentax K-30 and K-5 II that missing HSS (High Speed Sync) function will be enable now after doine the version 4.0 update.

Steps to update:

Preparation before firmware update, downloads first 2 files below:

i) Remove all the batteries before proceed
ii) double click “MB_50_AF_1_Pentax_V4.0_GB_Win.exe” to extract files
iii) execute “Driverinstall.exe” (for my case, Windows 7 prompted DOS Windows with warning of “unidentified software provider” for 6-7 times, i just press continue and proceed)
iv) connect flash unit to PC through mini-USB cable (i used external HDD USB cable)
v) let Windows recognize the hardware, it will prompt “The new hardware is installed and ready to use” (takes 3-4 minutes)
vi) run “FirmwareUpdate_MB50_GB.exe” (red icon) under “50AF1 Pentax V4.0 GB” file
vii) Click on “Start”, follow its instruction and start firmware update, it takes around 1 minute to complete
viii) complete and test the flash unit

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