Gunung Ledang via Sagil (1st May 2013)

This is the second visit to beautiful Mount Ophir (English name for Gunung Ledang) on labour day, same as previous trip, we ascended from Sagil (Johor) instead of Asahan in Melaka. According to our mountain guide Kelvin Tan, Asahan is a more nature trail compares to well developed Sagil trail.

Mount Ophir is a famous and very interesting place to hike, the management put a hard work to design and maintaining the trail, where you can see clear path, well stated check points, proper maintenance for rock climbing ropes and ladder.

The weather is pretty good, although not much of sun light but without rain on the day, we got 12 peoples in total that came from KL and Malacca. According to management, we are the only group to do day hike on morning, another big group in the mountain was overnight at the camp site on day before.

The hike cost us RM 39 per head, the RM 39 includes: entry fee RM 5, hiking fee RM 10, insurance RM 2 and mountain guide fee of RM 22. A mountain guide can brought up to 10 peoples, if your group exceed the number, you will need to hire another guide. For more information on pricing and camping, refer to

Met a large group of active young lads with more than 20 peoples, that came from Johor area that is 4 hours away, overnight at camp site and ascend to summit on the same morning as us. One great thing worth to mention, the group leader brought the team to pick up rubbish that left by previous hikers on the mountain and shocked me when they show me amount of rubbish (plastic bottles, snacks package cover and shirts!) collected.

On the summit, you can get an amazing 360 Panorama view with a telekom tower on the other peak.

Trail tracked with Suunto Ambit as below, as you can see on the ascend trail, we passed by each check points to the CP8 summit. But we coming down with another trail that skipped CP 7 Bukit Botak, CP 6 Gua Kambing, CP 5 Sungai Tiga Segi and to a cross junction that will lead you to summit, Kolam Gajah and downhill. Got to be-careful at this point, few of our members went to Kolam Gajah trail where it will lead you to the camp site instead of foot hill, time and energy will be wasted as you need to turn back to get on correct path.

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Trip Details

Date : 01 May 2013
Altitude : 1,276 m (4,186 ft)
Location : Gunung Ledang National Park, Johor
Duration: 9 Hours 47 minutes (8:32 – 18:20)
GPS Coordinate : 2.358926,102.630072
Google Map: Gunung Ledang

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