Pentax HD DA 560mm F5.6ED AW and smc FA 77mm F1.8 LTD

Got a chance to test on two great Pentax lens on Pentax & The Cities event at Futuromic Centre (Berjaya Times Square), the latest launch RM22K super telephoto HD Pentax DA 560mm F5.6ED AW and famous prime smc Pentax FA 77mm F1.8 Limited that cost around RM3K.

i) HD Pentax DA 560mm F5.6ED AW

Huge lens body that need a stable tripod to hold it, a built-in bubble level will helps a lots, slight pan to the left or right will make a big different in end result as 3rd image below.

560mm will extend the focal length to 840mm (equivalent in the 24×36 mm format) on my Pentax K-30 APS-C size sensor, image above taken with Tamron A16 lens to show the dsitance.

The HD Pentax DA 560mm F5.6ED AW able to reach out to end of the corridor as image above, however, it will give a big pan in final result if the set-up din’t level properly.

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ii) smc Pentax FA 77mm F1.8 Limited

Thanks to the big aperture of F1.8, it perform extremely well in low light condition. But i discover the lens struggle and fail to focus while taking image above, successfully taken the photo on 3rd attempts.

Bokehlicious and sharpness on this lens is just superb, but 77mm on APS-C sensor will need plenty of room to get a shot, especially on portrait.

Images are straight out from memory card with just watermark add-on, great tones and accurate color reproduce can be seen, with a little 3D pop-up effect too.

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