HTC One: Camera Samples, HTC Zoe and Camera App Demos

These samples are taken at HTC launch event that happened at Studio Lounge (Tropicana City Mall), the environment is dark and is hard to get decent photos without using flash. Direct capture from HTC One’s Ultrapixel camera with no flash, straight out and Bluetooth to my phone, no edit or enhancement applied.

Ultrapixel Camera Samples:

The photos show a lots of details on photos above, nice Bokeh when you get close to subject (2nd pic), noise control consider okay provided the environment is dark (3rd pic) and the focus able to lock-on exactly where i point.

HTC One and HTC One X+ Photo Comparison:

(HTC One X Ultrapixel Camera)

(HTC One X+ 8-megapixel Camera)

Obviously, HTC One’s F/2.0 Ultrapixel camera performs better in both white balance and details. You can see less blurred area on first pic compare to HTC One X+’s image, HTC One comes with better image stabilization because of physical optical image stabilizer (OIS) installed and faster shutter speed (1/48 of a second).

HTC Zoe Sample:

The 4 second HTC Zoe video i grabbed from one of the HTC One test unit,

HTC Camera App Demo:

For more details, check out HTC_One_Factsheet.pdf and HTC official site UltraPixel Camera section.

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