Sungai Chilling Waterfall (3rd Level) @ Kuala Kubu Bharu

Went for a leisure trekking with gang at Kuala Kubu Bharu on last weekend, the Sungai Chilling Waterfall entrance located at right side of the road between the path from Selangor Dam to Fraser’s Hill. Parking is easy as there are plenty of space on each side of road which can fit a single car all along the way nearby entrance.

This is my first time to Chilling waterfall, the same Chilling river need to be cross six times (includes the first under suspension bridge) in total to reach the waterfall where it took us around 1 hour 20 minutes, includes photo taking and water splashing at friends. The entire trail pretty flat (except for 3rd level waterfall), clear with only few junctions and obvious sign can be spotted on each river crossing.

First thing i found out while river crossing, lots of fish around which doesn’t really scare of people, those fish will come near if you “trying” feed them (rules stated “do not feed the fish in the river”).

Spotted bunch of pitcher plants (Nepenthes) between second and fifth river stream.

Chiling are composed of three level of vertical waterfalls, first and third consist of big pool where allows number of peoples to dip in, second fall is not accessible. There first level was crowded with lots of students while we arrived, so to the level 3 we went. Just a 15 minutes of steep slope trek, cross the river as image above then you’ll arrive the pool. We were lucky, there were just few lads over there when we reached.

Amazing and powerful fall at 3rd level, water current is too strong where i can’t swim towards it, strong enough pushed me backward to the rest point. The pool is not deep but have to be extra careful if you going to swim nearby to the fall where there might be hidden current underneath. Spent few hours picnic and playing around 3rd level and sixth river stream before got back to city.

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Trip Details

Date : 13th April 2013
Altitude : 398 metres
Location : Kuala Kubu Bharu (Selangor)
Duration: 5 Hours 15 minutes (9:34 – 14:50)
GPS Coordinate : 3.633029, 101.740549
Google Map: Sungai Chiling Waterfall

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4 years ago

[…] Parking are available along road side, here is the entrance map. Entrance fee are RM 1.00 per person, you will need to sign-in and sing-out for security purpose. Trekking will take more than an hour leisure walk, no steep ascending unless you are going to the 3rd level of waterfall. […]

3 years ago

is there any camp site and tent provided ? i hope to be replied ASAP.

2 years ago

    There is a camp site nearby the entrance, which is 35 minutes from waterfall. Tent not provided, in addition, to camp over there, it requires advance notice at the office and a cash deposit.

    2 years ago

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