Hospital Sungai Long Fun Run (14th April 2013)

A great 8.4KM fun run held by the organiser: Hospital Sungai Long, well organized with programmes run on-time as scheduled (ex: good job on registration, warm up session, run starts on time). Surprisingly, there are lots of peoples participate on the run where i heard there are only 50+ peoples joined while i’m registering weeks ago, and it seems there are few hundreds on actual day.

Soft rain through out the whole run, not much traffics in Sungai Long on Sunday as usual except for the Cheras-Kajang highway part. Can see the escort team on each junction points working hard on directing traffics with the help of police.

Two water station set up at around 3KM point (Mahkota Cheras nearby Nissan showroom) and 6KM near by Institut Pengurusan Veterinar at Jalan Sungai Long. The best of all, organisers team will deliver you water + bread to you right after you crossed finishing point (last year’s PJ Dawn is a shame where there are no drinking water for slower runner that arrived late).

Sungai Long is a place that suitable for running (ex: safer environment, less traffic on weekend, steep hill for training) but there are not much of runners, perhaps the Fun Run can help to motivate more Sungai Long residents to run. Definitely will join again next time and they should organize it in every year.

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