Tabur Hill: Far East + Extreme

Heard of Tabur Far East for quite a while, been told by friend that it is a trail that full of nice scenes. The trail is less common compares to normal East/ West Tabur and starting point is totally different too. Have been waiting to join-in those that familar with the route, then finally i got this chance by follow G3 Hikers to both Far East and the Extreme trails on Sunday, 17th March.

Starting point and place to park we park our car at Jalan K5, near by Jalan Melawati 5 at a new upper hill high-price house development area named “Sunway Rydgeway“. Currently still able to park at road side, but doubt we can still park at same place once the housing area completed.

There are more development area to passed by after Sunway Rydgeway which will take 5-8 minutes to the beginning of Far East and Extreme trail.

After construction area, you will passed by the gate, it is a “private” area that contain few wood houses with lots of dogs locked inside.

This will be entrance to the forest trail, another 15 to 20mnutes minutes walk will bring you to a joint of Tabur Far East and Tabur Extreme. The two trails will be separte from there and form a T shape as seen (yellow color route) at this map. Once completed one of those trails, you will come back to the joint in order to start another one.

Such soft plant can be easily seen along the Far East trail, and lots of mosquitos at this point where the ridge walk begin! It will be a better choice to wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid attack from these blood suckers, the mosquitos will be gone when hike-up to higher altitude.

Wheather is extremly well on the day, strong sun light helps to push a better image even from a Pentax DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL Kit lens. Group picture was taken on a spacious soft-ground rest point that located on half way to Far East’s peak and those cards are the symbol/logo of G3 hikers.

View from Far East peak, ridge opposite in the image above is normal Tabur East (normal) according to experienced hiker in our group. So, i assume the sequences of the ridge connection is: West -> East -> Far East -> Extreme.

The Panoramic view from Far East is far more richer compares to Tabur West, where you can get the picture of Tabur East, a more complete vision of the lake and part of Tabur Extreme (X). Video below was taken on Far East Peak where you can see hikers on the other side, peak of Tabur East (normal).

After completed Tabur Far East trail, we went back to the “T junction” for a rest and get prepare for Tabur Extreme trail which is a more difficult trail to trek.

It surprised me when i discover Extreme trail is rather virgin compares to other Tabur trails, path is not obvious with only few hardly seen route sign/marks. Lots of sharp thorns and long roots that will hurt you along the path, moreover, the dangerous soft-ground that may collapse if step-in with full weight pressure.

The giant rock as image above is where Extreme’s peak situated, but we have trek around the left side of foot hill, to the back side of it before the climb starts, where it took around 50 minutes from “T junction” according to recorded movescount.

A little bit of rock climbing are required, thanks to great hikers that equipped steady rope up there, it makes the climb much more easier. Took another 15 – 20 minutes to first peak, there will be total of 4 peaks that we need to go repeating up and down. Tabur Extreme is actually a “U” shaped trail, where we trek from front to the back of the giant rock and move back to top-end of giant rock as the previous image above.

Experienced a minor heat stroke while at the peak of Tabur Extreme, symptoms where i find hard to breath, food in-take difficulty, body stay in a high temperature and losing strength. Immediately unstrap heart rate monitor, loose up backpack, gloves and tights to get more room for fresh air. Got to thanks sweeper of G3 hikers that let me take my time to rest in multiple points, luckily able managed to finished the whole trail with slow pace and this will definitely be one of my great experience.

Video below took on the peak of Extreme peak, where you can spot both far east and normal east peak.

Recorded Trail from Suunto Ambit:

  • GPX format: Tabur Far East and Extreme
  • KML format: Tabur Far East and Extreme
  • Movescount: move11727043
  • Start Point and Car Parking as the blue marker below,

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