Suunto Ambit Strap Screw fall off !! Got it repaired from UFL

Discovered one of the screw (top right) fall off after morning running session. I’ve searched for the screw at all Suunto dealers in Mid Valley/The Garden, but none has it. Buying new straps set from online store will cost me a few hundreds, folks from FB Suunto group suggest try to send the ambit to UFL (UNIVERSAL FITNESS AND LEISURE SDN. BHD).

Gave UFL a call and thought of buying a replacement strap from them for quick repair but Steven (very nice guy!) from UFL Technical department advice me to send in Ambit that will only take a minimal cost to fix, no point to waste that much of money.

Overall, i takes around 3 weeks for whole process from 18 February to 16 March included CNY season, transfer back and forth from UFL Bangsar to UFL headquarter at Kepong. If you would like a faster process, just send in your Suunto watch directly to UFL headquarters at Kepong.

In addition, i’ve done some search on the screw issues and seems like there is QC problem happened to other users around, especially screw locate at top left, there are 4 other cases that found as below:

  • Watchuseek forum: Ambit wrist strap attachement broken – service request made
  • MY Suunto (Movescount) FB group: Mr. Darul Azzuan Rosman has same issue and fix it at UFL head quarter
  • MY Suunto (Movescount) FB: Mr. ファジアン アナス discover the screw got loosen and tightened the screw by himself.
  • MY Suunto (Movescount) FB: Mr. Sani Fabregas has the same issue and got a modified screw as replacement.
  • For those that using Suunto Ambit, do take your time to take a look on the watch, if it got loosen, search for any way to tighten it up.

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    […] Couldn’t find genuine replacement for it except for buying a whole replacement strap set that will cost near to RM 200. Doesn’t want to spend too much on it, so i asked for suggestion and advise from Malaysia Suunto Team (Movescount) group. Surprised me that there are 3 more members facing the same issue, perhaps Suunto need to into their durability of their product as this is the second issue, refer the first one Suunto Ambit Strap Screw fall off. […]

    3 years ago

    Just had the top left screw fall out of my Suunto Ambit 2

    2 years ago

      Send to UFL, they will replace for you.

      2 years ago
    Jose Laguer

    My Ambit is also missing one screw. So

    2 years ago
    Jose Laguer

    So my Ambit is missing one screw. So the best way to fix this is to send it to the company itself?

    2 years ago

      Yes, 3h, the screw is kinda odd, never seen it in hardware store.

      2 years ago

    Just been on a skiing holiday after second day screw missing from strap I think this is a possibl warranty issue that suunto should accept

    2 years ago

      Darren, this is known issue that reported from numbers of users from my group. Bring it to Suunto and they will replace for you.

      2 years ago

    […] on the left need to be tighten up from time to time, else it will just drop off like once i did: Suunto Ambit Strap Screw fall off !! Got it repaired from UFL. Averagely i will check and tight it in every 2 […]

    2 years ago

    My screw in the bottom left strap just fell out. I’ve only worn it less than a month !

    1 year ago

      send back to ufl then.

      1 year ago

    Also got the top left screw fall off

    9 months ago

      yea, happened to quite a number of frens. pretty sure there is some design problem.

      9 months ago
    Mihai D

    It just happened to me too, that’s how I found this page 🙂

    8 months ago

      Too bad to hear that. After you got a fix, remember to tighten it from time to time, where i’m still doing it for 2 years now.

      8 months ago

    Mine fell out too. Aren’t there any affiliated repair shop in the US?

    5 months ago

      Pretty sure US have affiliated shop.

      5 months ago

    HI, Need some advice, where can i go to get my Suunto strap replaced, i am from Petaling Jaya. Thanks.

    3 weeks ago

    Ive just lost one. Top left. Sghame Suunto, SHAME!

    2 weeks ago

      yea, must be design problem.

      1 week ago

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