Mayday “Now & Here” Malaysia Concert on 3rd March

Excellent concert done by taiwanese great 5-Piece band “Mayday” and the organizing team, i believe all the fans enjoyed the concert to the fullest. The band itself is already amazing through out entire concert, great intreaction between band members with audiences, and familar melodies that everyone able to sing along.

In addition, there are two great highlights from the “五月天诺亚方舟-大马站MAYDAY World Tour” concert. First, LED panels, background of stage installed with huge amount of separate LED panels, where all combined into one HD quality big wide round-shape screen. For the stage itself, consist of five gigantic built-in elevated platforms with LED panel attached in-front that will served as 2nd-layer display that provide sort of 3D effects to audiences.

Secondly, the custom made Mayday LED light stick which called as “明日互動版LED環保螢光棒” in taiwan. It cost RM20 and selling near the entrance before show starts, luckily i did get one for myself elese i might deadly regret now. All the LED light sticks contain a receiver inside which lets a main transmitter somewhere to take control (colors, on/off, flashing) according to the mood of the song. It is incredible to see how color can change environment of the concert to create atmosphere desired/planned by organisers.

Luckily, they have added second show (2nd and 3rd March) instead of one due to overwhelmed demand, give me a chance to join in the Sunday concert. If you missed out, Mayday will take their amazing performance to Singapore on 15th June 2013, check out detail here:

(Video Source: Star Planet 星艺娱乐)

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