WordPress: PDF and PPT Viewer (plugin for embedding PDF file)

Recently searching for a way to embed PDF file directly into a post, which can help readers to eliminate the step of download actual file on local machine and open it with dekstop application such as Adobe Reader.

Then i found a plug-in called “PDF and PPT Viewer“, a WordPress plugin for embedding documents to posts, created by Vladimir Kadalashvili. the plug-in make use of web-based Google Docs Viewer that automatically opens linked PDF, PowerPoint and Word documents. Although this plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, but it still works perfectly.

Step to install PDF and PPT Viewer plug-in:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New
  • Search “PDF and PPT Viewer”
  • install and activate it at “Installed Plugins”
  • After activated, you can now start writing a new post, insert a PDF file to your post by “Add Media”, then upload the needed file. Insert the code as below, input the correct link at the “href” to embed the PDF, you can manage the size by changing the value for width and height.

    Examples of embedded PDF file as below,

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    Thanks for sharing.
    How do you work with ppt files? I’ve tried it but it won’t show any preview.

    2 years ago

    Dear Chris, the plug-in is kinda outdated, it hasn’t been update for 2 years, may need to search for a new one.

    2 years ago

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