Sugar Crush: extra lives cheat and few tips

Started the game late after my friend forced to install, then only realised what are those facebook request (lives / ticket) about. If you still got no idea what is sugar crush, just head to Play Store or App Store, search for Candy Crush Saga developed by, install on your phone/tablet and start playing it.

For those that stucked on a same level for a long time and frequently out of lives, then this post might give a little boost. There are few cheat and tips that i collected, as below:

  • Time Skipping Cheat

    After finished up all your five lives, player need to wait 30 minutes per live or request it from friends. Time skipping is a way to confuse Candy Crush Saga native app timer, in result, unlimited lives (sort of, by repeat steps of time adjustment). The time skipping cheat was tested on Apple iPhone 5 and HTC One X+ (stock OS), it works perfectly but the weird thing is it doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S2.

  • Get a good start

    As video above, a better colors arrange on the beginning will always help. Once you never start a move, it will not deduct any live, press back and re-enter the level to get a better start. Note that this will not work on time target level, ex: score 20000 in 60 seconds, time will start counting down right-away when entered the game.

  • PC + Phone

    Two thing about Candy Crush Facebook app on PC:
       i) PC version offer free boosters on starting (ex: color bomb, striped & wrapped).
       ii) lives + timer counter between two is not related, ex: finished 5 lives on phone, jump on laptop for another 5 lives.

  • Slower pace
    Especially on Level 33 and Level 65, once 90% of jellys was cleaned, it is time to slow the pace down, clear out those jelly one by one, and you’ll see the game itself will drop those colors that needed to finish.

    1. Great. I am currently stuck in level 28. See if this tips can help. šŸ™‚

    1. Mar 14th. 2013