HTC Butterfly Hands-On, the first 5-inch Full HD in Malaysia

Friend of mine bought the latest HTC smartphone, a white color “HTC Butterfly” international version, a Brighstar set that cost for RM 2200 from Plaza Low Yat. It comes with topnotch 5-inch super LCD 3 display, 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4, 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM, 8MP camera, microSD expansion slot and IPX5 (Water “splash-proof”) body.

(glossy white back panel with shinny finish)

The full High-Definition screen looks extremely gorgeous on the Butterfly, it presents colors more natural compares to Samsung Galaxy Note II that is slightly too saturated. The 0.3-inch display does make a noticeable different in size compares to HTC One X+.

Obviously, HTC Butterfly adapt different design language compares to One series, you can’t find not much of similar points on both, such as One series big camera ring, polycarbonate body, front micro-drilled holes, back 5 pin connector and U-shaped curve design.

(red color notification light hide under the silver plate)

Buttons are standard as other HTC phones, just volume rocker and power button. You’ll notice tiny Grid-like holes on the left/right side, possibly for heat radiation. 3.5mm audio jack, noise canceling holes, covered micro USB port and microSD card slot. Here are images for all the side on HTC Butterfly,

On software side, it is the same Android 4.1.1 with HTC Sense+ as One X series, everything is the same included camera app (no HDR video shoot as Sony Xperia Z).

The differences are 3 new wallpapers and 2 new widgets for Home Screen as you can often seen in advertisement. Two new widgets are clock weather widget and left side 4 folder-like shortcuts. Peeps from XDA forum have shared out the new widgets “HTC Butterfly’s homescreen for One X ?“, but with feedback of it won’t fit on smaller screen.

Installed AnTuTu Benchmark tool from Google Play Store to get the overall scores and did a comparison to Samsung Galaxy Note 2,

Here are some of my thoughts on first time experience with the HTC Butterfly,

  • looks slight thinner than One X+ because of it’s curves on both side, but in white paper One X+ is 8.99m, Where Butterfly is 9.08mm at the thickest point
  • it fits and stay well on hand with curvy side design and as wide as 4.7-inch One X+ (69.9mm vs 70.5mm)
  • the lack of NFC is disturbing, required to pair up bluetooth just to send a screenshot from Butterfly to my phone
  • closure cover for microSD card slot and micro USB are difficult to open for those with short fingernails
  • 5-inch does take time to get used especially on one hand operation, ex: extend thumb to longer end to tap on the “Settings” at Notification Center as video below
  • light-weight of 140g with the size of 1/5 taller (134.36mm vs 143mm) than One X+ (135g), but in exchange of more plasticky and fragile back panel, but still marginally better than Samsung Galaxy S3 flimsy back cover.
  • the glossy + shinny white finish on back panel does look good in the video recorded below
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