Pebble: start shipping on 23rd January 2013!

Update: i have pledge two units of Black Pebble, will be letting go one of them. Kindly contact me if interested.

Pebble is shipping! In the Project Update #29, Pebble technology announced they’ll begin shipping Pebble to 85,000 backers on January 23rd 2013. Other than shipping date, there are more good news, as below:

In addition to previously mentioned features, your Pebble will include the following sensors that we’ll enable with future updates:

  • Magnetometer – we’ve added this in so you’ll have compass-like functionality
  • Ambient light sensors – your Pebble watch will be able to understand how much light is available in its current environment
  • Check out live video demo of Pebble (1 hour 43 minutes) by Eric at CES 2013, note that the video is discoloured, stream a lil slow and starts on minutes 12:30:

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