Jyin Poh 傅健颖 – 喜欢你

A nicely done music track produced Malaysian, it takes me sometime to search for song’s detail because of din’t know the vocal artist. Moreover, the song title is too general where Google search generates a long list of songs with the same title.

The song title “喜欢你”, vocal and composed by Jyin Poh 傅健颖 (2007 Astro Star Quest, 5th place). Strongly recommended the song because of its high potential, it can easily be one of those Taiwanese drama theme song. The melody are composed in a beautiful flow, especially on chorus attack that easily stored in mind once heard. Check out Facebook page for more info:

In addition, The company should produced another music arrangement with grand piano + orchestra version that consist more sentimental ballads elements to improve emotional of the song.


制作人: Edmond Teh 郑亿华 / Jyin 傅健颖
作曲 / 填词: Jyin 傅健颖
编曲 : Vic Teo 张祖诚

一个问题 一句是非 一个沉默无语
一直以为 天空还是蓝蓝地 你还是你
我均匀地呼吸 才看到伤口痕迹

熟悉的样子 提醒着我在哪里
同样的回忆 希望粘在你心里

喜欢你 轻轻地说我爱你
能不能停一停 陪我复习过去
可是你 留下了距离 已远远离去


想紧紧拥着你 用我最后美丽
喜欢你 已没有记忆 你早已离去

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