Pebble: received approval from the FCC!

Pledged two units of Pebble from Kickstarter since May 2012, but it just kept on delay and left all pebblers waiting endlessly. Although there are still actual shippment day, the Pebble team do working hard and feed us with email updates:

– As stated by Eric and Pebble Team on update #24: “…Pebble is not in mass production (MP) yet. MP will start as soon as we eliminate any outstanding issues and complete the final Production Verification (PV) build.”

– From update #26, the watch is currently in Production Verification (PV) build, the last step before mass production (MP).

– As mentioned in #update 17 and Update #23, the assembly line will be set up to manufacture 15,000 Pebbles per week. With total of 85,000 units, it will takes near to 6 weeks to finish it.

With the latest news of Pebble watch gets approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), we are one step closer to the final product. By refer to information provided on updates above, i estimate there will be another 3 months to get our hands on the actual watch. Check out the official FCC ID: ‘RGQ-PEBBLE-WATCH‘:

Pebble team got to act fast and push the watch to more clients, before those tech giants take their move to produce similar product. In addition, there are already rumours about Apple and Intel are working on a smart watch now.


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