Malaysia Trekking and Hiking Routes

Exported trekking routes from Suunto Ambit in the format of .kml (Keyhole Markup Language), check here on how to import the route to Suunto Ambit.

1) Gunung Bunga Buah
Story: Gunung Bunga Buah @ Gohtong Jaya
Movescount: move6687764, move6687765
Track Download:
     Ascend Route:
    Descend Route:

2) Air Hitam Forest Reserve
Story: Air Hitam Forest Reserve and Waterfall @ Puchong
Movescount: move8287000, move8287003
Track Download:
    Ascend Route:
    Descend Route:

3) Gunung Angsi
Story: Gunung Angsi @ Kuala Pilah
Movescount: move8850155
Track Download:

4) Broga Hill
Story: Broga Hill @ Semenyih
Movescount: move10490458
Track Download:

5) Tabur Hill: Far East + Extreme
Story: Tabur Hill: Far East + Extreme
Movescount: move11727043
Track Download:

6) Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik
Story: Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik (29th March 2013)
Movescount: move12067371
Track Download:

7) Sungai Chilling Waterfall (3rd Level)
Story: Sungai Chilling Waterfall (3rd Level) @ Kuala Kubu Bharu
Movescount: move12532697
Track Download:

8) Gunung Ledang via Sagil
Story: Gunung Ledang via Sagil (1st May 2013)
Movescount: move13162473
Track Download:

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