Suunto Ambit: FW 2.0 software update

Suunto released firmware 2.0.6 software update for Suunto Ambit on November 29th, 2012. As stated in the document (PDF) and releasese note, firmware 2.0.6 new features added to the watch as below:

Ambit 2.0 related features and improvements:

  • ANT+ support
  • Foot POD support
  • Interval timer
  • Suunto Apps support
  • Tighter speed fusion filter giving more stable running pace
  • Exercise summary to show the number of manual laps (in previous version the number of laps included manual, auto and pause laps combined)
  • Pausing no longer interferes with lap count in the Ambit
  • Improvement of log memory capacity when using GPS

    Ambit 2.0 related Movescount improvements & bug fixes:

  • Faster updating of satellite orbit data during Moveslink synchronization
  • Individual selection of all PODs in custom exercise modes in Movescount
  • Fixed minimum/maximum value bug in Movescount
  • Lap notes to differentiate autolaps and pause laps in Movescount
  • Ambit release notes available from GEAR page in Movescount
  • Sorting option added for POIs & routes in Movescount
  • Fixed a bug of Movescount not using avg cadence calculated by the Ambit
  • Before update the firmware, Moveslink need to be update to latest Version 1.1.18 which will support for Ambit firwmware 2.0, release notes.

    The official statement for Suunto Ambit software update 2.0 Highlights as below,

    Bringing you the Suunto Apps!

    With the 2.0 update, the Ambit users can download and develop their own features to their watch in the Suunto App Zone. The Suunto App Zone takes sports watch customization to a whole new level, bringing counters, estimations and much more to your Ambit. Visit the Suunto App Zone in to see the already available Apps and customize your Ambit like you want.

    As an example of already existing Suunto Apps, there’s an app that lets you see your estimated finish time on a marathon; or another one that lets you to know the real incline of the hill you’re heading up.

    If you can’t find the feature you need, create your own App with the Suunto App Designer. Using the simple, web-based App Designer, you can combine Ambit readings into a sophisticated calculation, creating a totally original Ambit feature.

    The 2.0 update also adds the much anticipated Foot POD support and ANT+ compatibility, along with an Interval Timer.

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