Gunung Angsi @ Kuala Pilah

Went for a hike at Gunung Angsi (824m), located at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. Previously we took easier Bukit Putus trail, so this round we choose a different option which is ascent from Ulu Bendul and descent by Bukit Putus.

(rain heavily while crossing the river)

The Ulu Bendul trail is longer, consume more time, require to cross river streams and consist more nice scenes compare to Bukit Putus.

Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul
Phone num: (+6)06- 4888 950
Entrance Fees: RM 5 per person
GPS Coordinate: 2.728941, 102.076657

Bukit Putus (Road side)
Located 3km away from Ulu Bendul
GPS Coordinate: 2.727463, 102.056195

The expedition tooks us 6 hours 23 minutes (07:32 – 13:56) to complete, included few stops and half hour rest on the peak. The trail welcomed us with 2 hours of mid-heavy rain, lots of leeches, and fast river flow speed which make the expedition more adventuring.

(wet and slippery trail for 2 hours+)

Do take extra care at the 30-40 feet barren hill, make proper use of the rope, full attention and team work is required to make sure each and every team member climb up safely.

( scenery which can’t be seen at Bukit Putus trail)

We parked our cars separately at Ulu Bendul and Bukit Putus, so we doesn’t need to walk 3km back to Ulu Bendul (takes 35 minutes to walk). We just wash our shoes at the small stream nearby Bukit Putus exit and wait drivers to get their cars from Ulu Bendul.

(30 minutes away from the peak)

For more details such as map, trail route (export available), distance and timing, check on my Movescount:

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