Metz: Mecablitz 50 AF-1 V3.0 firmware for Pentax

Need a external flash for my Pentax K30, so i purchased a Metz Mecablitz 50 AF-1 flash unit from, it comes with older firmware which the new Firmware version 3.0 (released on 27.07.2012) now available for download on Metz official site. Google search the update instruction and it seems fairly easy to DIY.

Steps to update:

Preparation before firmware update, downloads first 2 files below:

i) Remove all the batteries before proceed
ii) double click “MB_50_AF_1_Pentax_V3.0_GB_Win.exe” to extract files
iii) execute “Driverinstall.exe” (for my case, Windows 7 prompted DOS Windows with warning of “unidentified software provider” for 6-7 times, i just press continue and proceed)
iv) connect flash unit to PC through mini-USB cable (i used external HDD USB cable)
v) let Windows recognize the hardware, it will prompt “The new hardware is installed and ready to use” (takes 3-4 minutes for me)
vi) run “FirmwareUpdateGB.exe” (red icon) under “50AF1 Pentax V3.0 GB” file
vii) follow its instruction and start firmware update, it takes around 1 minute to complete
viii) complete and test the flash unit

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Didn’t know that there is online store for Pentax DSLR. Cool!

5 years ago

    yea, the founder is William from, can normally see him actively under Pentax section.

    5 years ago

      Oh, thanks for the valuable information. Will check out his site.

      P.S. : Am looking to upgrade my current Pentax k-x. 🙁

      5 years ago

        Current Pentax dslr will serve you well, k30 or k5-lls. If full frame might need to wait till next year.

        5 years ago

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