Ricoh Event: Cari Makan & Street Photography

Got an opportunity to attend an workshop event that held by DSC World Sdn Bhd and 223 GO event company, titled “Celebrating Life With Ricoh Chapter II: Cari Makan & Street Photography”. Dated on Sunday Oct 21 2012, from 8:30am to 1:30pm, placed at The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe.

Famous photographers such as Maxby ( Administrator and founder of and Chot Touch. Learned a lot from experience sharing from advance photographers, such as:

  • unique photography style/way of pro photographers, easily spotted on Maxby and Chot Touch
  • concern about subject, ex: feelings of person to be shot, culture perception on photography
  • lightning makes a big impact on image
  • give sometime or wait a longer time while composing
  • bad weather may help to create great environment for image compose
  • compose image an that tell a story and makes audience imagine or think about it
  • Here are some images taken during the event outing,

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