Suunto Ambit: FW 1.8.6 Navigation feature

Firm ware 1.8.6 update added new features to Suunto Ambit, make the ambit a more complete navigation system and useful tool for trekking.

Two new display screens added while navigation,

i) Full trak view
ii) 500m scale view

Before navigate a route,

  • import a route from Movescount
  • choose your previous route or from your friend’s Moves
  • look for “Speed & distance” section in Move’s page, Click on “Export track”
  • Export it to “.kml”, a file will be download
  • browse into Movescount page under: PRIVATE-> GEAR-> Navigation-> Routes-> Create New Route
  • at “Create New Route” page, search for “Import route” and browse to import the downloaded .kml file
  • fill in the names, details and Save it
  • connect your Suunto Ambit and sync it through Moveslink
  • to use the navigation feature,

  • Get to the place of your uploaded route and connect to GPS
  • press on “START STOP” button
  • choose “NAVIGATION” -> “ROUTES” -> Select the route you uploaded
  • Choose any WP (Way Point) and “NAVIGATE”
  • press on “NEXT” button for different screen display, there are 4 different displays
  • If you encountered map view issues, refer to this forum thread: “Map View Issues with Suunto Ambit Firmware 1.8.6

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