Dry Cabinet: Aipo X-26L

Just bought a small size Aipo dry cabinet for my Pentax K-30 and lenses.It will be worth to invest it since i will be taking the camera to outdoor activities that will rain and high humidity. High humidity will cause the silent enemy Fungus to grow in lenses, especially easier to happened in tropics region such as Malaysia.

Bought the Aipo X-26L for RM285.00 from Pentax2u.com. It comes with 5-years warranty from Proling Technology (Malaysia’s Aipo distributor). Specs as below:

  • 26 Liters Capacity (fits one camera and 2-4 lenses)
  • Digital LCD display for current interior humidity and temperature.
  • Analog Humidity control with 5 RH% settings
  • AC 100-240V, DC5V, 1.5VA Worldwide Compatible
  • 35% RH Lowest Achievable Humidity
  • High Accuracy +-3% RH
  • Auto Memory Last RH Setting
  • Slide/Pullable Trays for better arrangement of your grears
  • Comes with removable Wave Sponge on tray for arranging lenses in horizontal position
  • Silent Operation and Ultra Thin Hydrystat (paterned technology)
  • Magnetic Sealed Door for best RH control
  • Security: Lockable Door (comes with two keys)
  • Body: High-quality steel plate with anti-rusty powder coating
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Dimension: W290 x D321 x H377 mm
  • Low Power Consumption: 5W equivalent to less than RM 0.30/month in electricity bill
  • As for the humidity control setting, i was first set it to below 40%, but with the advice by folks from Pentax2u.com, the ideal should be 40% to 45% RH (Relative Humidity) as stated in Aipo’s “Optimal Preservation Parameter Table” and this blog by Roland Lim: “Keep It Dry“.

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