Suunto Ambit: 1.8.6 software update

Suunto annouced 1.8.6 firmware update available for Suunto Ambit on 9/27/2012, they have released several related documents as below:

How to update Suunto Ambit to FW 1.8.6,

  • connect your ambit to pc
  • let the moveslink update to latest Version 1.1.15 if you haven’t update yet
  • it will prompt up with “Suunto Ambit update – version 1.8.6”
  • click on “Update”, and it will start download and complete update by itself.
  • check on official Software Update Instruction for more info
  • New features operation:

    I could not find out how to activate those new features mentioned in change log, fortunately folks over stated way to work it out, read here: Suunto Ambit FW1.8.6 is out !!

    i) GPS Time Keeping

  • the new “GPS Time Keeping” feature is activated by default while firmware installed
  • to turn it off: press on “Next” button for 2 seconds-> “General”-> “Time/date”-> “GPS timekeeping”-> Choose “Off”

    ii) Chronograph

  • chrono, that can be used without accessing exercise modes, has been added
  • to activate: press on start/stop button -> go to “Stop watch” -> turn it to “on”
  • chronograph will be in one of your main homescreens display, press “Next” button 3 times to access it

    iii) Backlight Toggle Mode

  • new backlight mode, on/off your backlight by pressing the “Light Lock” button
  • to activate: press on “Next” for 2 seconds, go to “General”-> “Tones/display”-> “Backlight”-> “Modes”-> Choose “Toggle”
  • try to on the light, now it will never turn off if the same button din’t pressed again

    iv) Route navigation visualisation on screen

  • the whole navigation experience improved and become more useful
  • to get a route: upload route to Movescount-> Under “Gear”-“Navigation”-“Routes”-> click on “Find routes”-> search any and save it to libray-> check on “Use this route in watch”-> sync to Ambit with Moveslink
  • to navigation: press on “Start Stop” button-> “Navigation”-> “Routes”-> choose a route and Once the GPS is activated you will see the route on Ambit screen
  • there are now more different displays for route navigation, check it out by pressing Ambit’s “Next” button
  • note: “Recovery” selection is gone from menu, now recovery time can be read from “Logbook”.

    Change log:

    Suunto Ambit 1.8

    Additions and new features:

  • Route navigation visualisation on screen: Full view of the whole route and zoom view for closer details
  • Support for 5 new languages: Finnish, Swedish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese
  • Chrono, that can be used without accessing exercise modes, has been added
  • New backlight mode in which backlight goes on/off by press of the backligh button has been added
  • GPS time keeping feature added: This feature keeps the minutes of the Ambit in correct time
  • New GPS coordinate systems added as follows:
      * British (BNG), Finnish (ETRS-TM35FIN), Finnish (KKJ)
      * Irish (IG), Swedish (RT90), Swiss (CH1903)
      * UTM NAD27 Alaska, UTM NAD27 Conus, UTM NAD83
  • Improvements:

  • Changing the backlight mode in the settings window doesn’t change the setting anymore before that setting window is exited
  • When searching for the POD(s) and/or HR belt there’s now a “later” option available: You can start the exercise without waiting for the POD(s) and/or the belt to be found first.
  • Improvements in how GPS fix readiness percentages are shown
  • Distance calculation improvements
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