HTC One X: 2.17.707.3 (Android 4.0.4) OTA available in Malaysia

The latest 2.17.707.3 firmware for Malaysian’s HTC One X is now available. It is the massive update that been talked about since few weeks ago, that comes with few bugs fix, Android version 4.0.4 and HTC Sense 4.1.

I have it update by OTA using mobile data connection on 30th August 2012, time 23:31. To update it manually, go to “Settings”–>”About”–>”Software updates”. Update Detail as below:

Country: Malaysia
Telco: DIGI
File Size: 140.74MB
Connection: Mobile 3G Network
OTA Update Duration: 56 minutes (due to slow connection)
Previous System: 1.29.707.11
Current System: 2.17.707.3

According to the official, the system software update about:

  • Android 4.0.4
  • HTC Sense 4.1
  • Memory management enhancement
  • Camera quality improvement
  • Fixes bugs affecting display flicker in some circumstance system
  • Here are some noticeable improvements from my observation:

  • Smoother, snappier and more responsive on whole
  • Faster screen unlock
  • Another crap-ware named “Rescue” installed
  • Fixes on live wallpapers: Phase Beam, Nexus and weather
  • Three dots menu can now be set-off
  • Beats profiles gone, with just on/off
  • Minor tweak on USB connection: interface change and faster performance
  • Better Photo Gallery, smoother pinch zoom-in and zoom-out animation with back button
  • Three Dots Menu

    The famous 3-dots menu issue is now solved, the dots can be eliminated by:

    i) go to “Settings” -> “Display, gestures & buttons”
    ii) under “Buttons” section, tap on “Recent apps button”
    iii) Choose which you prefer, either “Press for menu, press and hold for recent apps” or Press for recent apps, press and hold for menu”
    iv) now, you can enjoy the full 4.7″ precious screen for all the apps

    For Unlocked HTC One X users, below is the direct Link for 2.17.707.3 (Android 4.0.4) 579.35MB package file mentioned in XDA forum:

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