Suunto Ambit: a nice watch for outdoor activites

Purchased Suunto Ambit from Davis for RM 1999. Basically a all-in-one functions watch, but IMHO, Suunto need to work on Ambit firmware (verion 1.5) and Movescount. There are few things missing out such as interval training, time based alarm while in exercise mode and standalone synchronize software (internet needed for exercise mode setting). If you needed those features urgently, Garmin 910xt will be a better choice.

Overall, it provides most of the basic features and works perfectly like it should for any sports. Been using Ambit for a month, here is somethings that i like:

  • “3 info display” of exercise mode allow user to customize on which data to show
  • lesser buttons design, simple user interface to control
  • more watch-like design instead of wrist computer
  • nice backlit screen that make easier to read, even from a distance
  • although is a big watch, but feels comfortable wearing it
  • fast lock on Heart pod and GPS
  • no space for dust or sand to stick in, so it hardly get dirty
  • The Suunto Ambit is good to go for swimming, but heart rate pod will not work well. In the water, the data can’t be transmit when the watch is not placed next to heart rate pod. However, the pod is waterproof, whcih will make easier for triathlon.

    Offical Site: Suunto Ambit
    User Manual: Suunto_Ambit_UserGuide_EN.pdf
    Unbox Video:
    Ambit & Protrek size compare:
    My Movescount:
    Official Suunto Youtube Channel: Suunto Ambit
    Detail User Review: Suunto Ambit Review @FW v1.0.7 – AMBITion (Un)Fulfilled by Gerald

    For new user, this is what should be done:

    i) Register an account at
    ii) Download and install Moveslink on Windows or Mac
    iii) Fully Charge Suunto Ambit (Takes 2 hours)
    iv) Connect to PC through cable
    v) Moveslink will do its job and follow its guide to set-up
    vi) Finished set-up between Ambit, Movelink and Movescount, dsiconnect the watch
    vii) Connect back Suunto Ambit
    viii) Right click on Moveslink icon and choose “Force firmware update”
    ix) Let it download and install Firmware 1.5
    x) Done and you are ready for running or customize phone setting from Movescount
    xi) Calibration need to be done to use compass. Watch:

    Ambit tips

  • It can be charge by any android adapter, apple adapter and through PC’s USB port
  • in exercise mode, Press and hold “next” for 2 seconds to turn on HR limit, navigation, compass and etc
  • Alert sound on each lap, lap can be customized in different distance (ex: 500m, 1km)
  • Press & Hold both “Back Lap” and “Start Stop” buttons for 5-6 seconds to enter Service Menu
  • Go into “Service” menu -> “Adjust” -> “contrast” if you see flicker and strip on Dark screen mode. I noticed flicker on 50%, after set it to 80%, flicker gone.
  • Lock the watch while hiking, i have accidentally pressed or bang (on rocks or trees) buttons for few times while hiking Gunung Bunga Buah
  • Force Ambit to synchronize Movescount gear setting: Windows Taskbar-> Moveslink icon-> right click and choose “Synchronize Setting”
  • Export a move’s map from Movescount to Google Map

    i) Under Move’s map, click on “Export track”
    ii) choose “kml” format and save the file
    iii) at Google Map, click on “My Places” -> “Create Map”
    iv) click on “Import”-> choose the “.kml” and upload

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