Prismatic: a very cool new Web Application

Prismatic ( connects to social networks and learn about your interests to displays news/articles that you’re likely to be interested in. Put it simple, it is a website with news feed + social news + nicely done interface (good thing is, no ads spotted around the website…yet).

According to Prismatic, this is how it works:

i) Start off with a personal home newsfeed

Prismatic chooses the best stories to show you based on what they are about, who wrote them, and who is sharing them. Your home newsfeed brings your favorite topics, publishers, and people together in a beautiful content-focused layout.

ii) Discover interesting new topics, publishers and people

Prismatic has two ways to discover new interests: search and links to related feeds. Search can find topic and publisher feeds or you can create a new feed from a query. Each story has links to related feeds, which you can follow to explore new interests.

iii) Add new interests and your home newsfeed gets better

As you explore, you can add new interests, which reinforces more new discoveries in your home feed.

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