Comparing Samsung Galaxy S3 with HTC One X

Sister of mine just got a White Samsung Galaxy S3, immediately play with it and compare it with my HTC One X. After helping sister to set all the things up and using it for few days, these are some of the differences that i discover:

  • Display
    There are mixed comments with these two screen display. There are few display pre-set available on Galaxy S3 which you can’t find on One X, i chose “Dynamic” for Galaxy S3. Personally, i do find Multimedia enjoyment is better on Samsung Galaxy S3, especially watching high resolution video on the phone and playing games.

  • 3 dots menu
    The annoying 3 dots menu doesn’t exist in Galaxy S3, this helps to maximize the usage and advantage of large 4.8″ screen while playing games or using applications. For your info, 3 dots menu happened because of application developers din’t or yet to adapt Android Design Guide for ICS.

  • Phone Design
    Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with less weight but in exchange of flimsy, ultra-thin back cover that feels fragile and easily cracked. You really do need an extra casing to protect this pretty phone to avoid heart breaking incident happen. Unlike HTC One X which i don’t really care because of its tough and solid body (i’m using it for outdoor activity like hiking and running).

  • Front Camera
    The 1.9MP front camera on Galaxy S3 is impressive, smoked HTC One X 1.3MP front camera (bad ISO control, bad white balance and extreme noisy in low light). The reason it makes so much different between two is because of better sensor equipped on Galaxy S3. For HTC, i see what you did here, cutting build-cost by filling in aged and older sensor (which perform like year 2001, 2002 Nokia low cost 1.3MP back camera) for front camera.

  • Smart Features
    All these Smart Features really does it jobs well, especially the Smart Stay. It doesn’t fade to dark screen while your eyes on it. The direct call feature do make sense, speed up whole process of communication while in the case of hurry. As for S-Voice, got bored within few minutes since apple’s Siri already there, not much different here.

  • Others
    2,100mAh Battery doesn’t seems much of different here, since still need to charge it at least once a day and smart features does consume some juice. Responsiveness doesn’t make much different between these two phones. Sound quality on speaker sounds the same, just the HTC One x comes with Beats‘s pre-set that “help” your music sounds “nicer”.
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