Kluang makan makan aje~~

Kluang Rail Cafe

The long heard Kluang station kopitiam. We didn’t go to the original shop because we didn’t do our homework before coming and got ourselves landed at their new shop.

20 & 21, 1st floor & ground floor, Jalan Tasik 1, Taman Perniagaan Tasik, 86000 Kluang, Johor.

Tel: +607 773 8391

There are more locations. For the original shop, just go straight to the Kluang KTM station (Red bullet point 1).

Their coffee and kaya butter toast bread are suppose to be the famous items. We are so hungry that we just randomly ordered by simply pointing to pictures. Hiah~~!

Iced Cham (RM2.10)

Not coffee fan but the coffee is suppose to be famous here, so alternatively ordered Cham. It’s fragrantly coffee and not too sweet. Not bad.

Mee Siam Special (ayam rendang) (RM5.30)

I thought the Mee siam would be the watery type. Oh well, the mee siam does not have much taste. You will need to eat with the chicken or sambal. The sambal is not bad, though. Ayam rendang taste more like normal curry chicken rather than rendang. Sad.

Nasi lemak Special (ayam goreng) (RM5.30)

The rice is not very fragrant. Just very normal, nothing special. Ayam goreng is like fried very long time ago, it’s not crispy and the skin has soften and the meat is a little dry.

Bun Sambal Special (RM2.50)

The “special” means with an egg. Not bad.

Roti Bun Bakar (RM1.40)

Kaya butter toast. It’s quite nice. Soft bread with a little toasted on the inside but the kaya it not fragrant enough.

Roti Keping Bakar (RM1.40)

I’m not sure if we left it alone for too long. It’s not nice. The bread is dry and a little hard to chew.

I wonder how the original shop taste like. I’ll try next time and see…

Restoran Tan Ching Hing (also known as 阿福 Satay)

Jalan Cantik,
Kluang, Johor.
(near Chong Hwa High School)

You can search the restaurant name in the GPS.

Hours: 18:30 – late

A place I recommend having fried noodles, satay, fried chicken. Yumm~~ (^_^)

Hokkien mee (RM8)

It’s good. If they add a little more fried pork crisp, it’s perfect!

Yuan Yang (RM8)

If I didn’t eat this, I didn’t realise I missed this food alot! It’s good here too. It has enough “wok heat” 锅气.

Salted fish fried rice (RM8)

Although it looks very plain but because it’s salted fish fried rice, it has alot of salted fish! Not bad too!

Satay (Pork, Mutton, Chicken) (RM0.60 per stick)

The meat is quite tender for both chicken and pork. As for the mutton is a bit too hard to chew but at least it does not have the “mutton smell”. The sauce is more of a peanut sauce and it’s not very spicy.

CRAP! I just realised I didn’t take a photo of the fried chicken! MUST ORDER! It’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Good!

Sting ray fish (RM24)

Not my recommended dish. The fish is topped with chilli powder but the chilli does not enter the meat leaving the fish meat with a “water” taste.

Oyster egg

The egg is quite delicious without too much of the starch but the oyster is horrible. It’s very fishy smell. Not recommended unless you can be sure the oyster is fresh.

Sea coconut ai yu ping (RM3)

The ai yu ping has only artificial colouring taste. The sea coconut is chewy but not sweet. You need to squeeze the lime to get some taste.

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