Google Handwrite on mobile device

New feature called “Handwrite” is available for Google mobile search page in any browser, but will work best in Chrome and stock Android browser . It works on smartphones running Android 2.3+, tablets running Android 4.0+, and on all iOS 5+ devices.

Steps to enable:

i) launch any browser
ii) go to
iii) scroll to bottom page and tap on “Setting”
iv) in the “Handwrite” section, choose “Enable”
v) “g” icon at bottom page indicates “Handwrite” feature is enable

Watch London Olympics 2012 LIVE on YouTube

Thanks to Google and YouTube, you can now watch real-time London 2012 Olympic games via the live streaming on the IOC’s channel ( Detail as below:

Remember to Watch the London Olympics 2012 LIVE on YouTube
Google goes big to commemorate the Games


KUALA LUMPUR, July 27, 2012 – Who will win the first Olympic gold medal for Malaysia? Watch it all unfold via the live streaming of the London 2012 Olympic Games on the IOC’s channel ( on YouTube from July 27 to August 12.

Throughout the Olympic Games, sports fans in Malaysia and 63 other territories across Asia and Africa will be able to enjoy live coverage of the events as well as highlight clips on this digital platform — free-of-charge. Viewers will be able to watch the streams on the IOC’s YouTube channel, accessible online or Internet enabled devices like smart devices/mobile phones and other YouTube-enabled devices.

To help you join in the excitement and glory of the Games, no matter where you are in the world, we’ve put together a central place at

Experience the London 2012 Games with Google

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Malaysians join more than half of the planet — some 4 billion people — who will tune in to watch the London 2012 Games. To help you join in the excitement and glory of the Games, no matter where you are in the world, we’ve put together a central place at

Want to know our country’s medal prospects? Here are a few ways we’re helping you get all the hottest news in a flash:

● When the games start on July 27, search on Google from your desktop, phone or tablet for [london 2012], a country team like [malaysia at the olympics], or a popular sport like [badminton], and you’ll see tons of up-to-the-minute detailed information such as the schedule, medal count, and event records in your search results.

● In the Hot Searches section of the site, we analyse all the Games-related searches from around the world to determine which topics, athletes or events are being searched for by your fellow fans around the world. The analysis is updated hourly, and you can click on any search to read associated news articles.

● On Google Play, find a collection of useful apps from results trackers to games for download on your Android device.

As well as watching the big names compete, now you can connect with friends and teams online throughout the Games.

● Instill some healthy competition amongst your friends by customising your cover photos on Google+ (or other social networks) to show who you’re supporting.

● Get the latest posts from +The Olympics Games and from more the competing teams on Google+.

Explore London like you’re there, see the sights online. Or, if you’re going to any of the Games, familiarise yourself with the venues online before your plane touches down.

● Fly around the Olympic Park, explore the cycling and marathon courses or take a virtual tour of London landmarks in Google Earth.

● Compare aerial imagery of the London of 1948 (the last time London hosted the Games) to the London of today using the Historical Imagery feature in Google Earth.

(Source: Google Malaysia)

A little food in Guangzhou

Coming to Guangzhou, definitely must try Guangdong food.

万福楼 Wan Fu Lou 

35, Yu Shan Road, Yuexiu District
(Junction of Beijing Road and Yu Shan Road)

Tel: +86 20 8318 6225

After missing Lian Xiang Lou 莲香楼, we didn’t have enough time to reach the shop with dinner and this shop crossed our journey. It looks “guangdong” and let’s see…

鸡汤窝蛋浸时蔬 Chicken soup with egg and vegetable (RMB30)

The chicken soup is good. It’s tasty enough 入味 and not too salty. If only the vegetable is changed to spinach 苋菜, it would be great!

面筋焖鱼腩 Fish Belly (RMB32)

Fried fish belly with 面筋 though a little salty. The fried fish is not that nice.

腊味煲仔饭 Preserved meat claypot rice (RMB38)

Disappointed. It only contains preserved fats and chinese sausage. The sauce added into the rice is not as fragrant as Lian Xiang Lou’s. It’s only so-so. Sigh~~~

蒜香乳鸽 Garlic pigeon (RMB38)

First bite – ugh~~! -_- A very heavy taste of garlic while the meat is not quite juicy. Another disappointment. The roasted and juicy taste of a pigeon has been covered by the garlic. First thought “Ordered the wrong thing”. 🙁

After this meal, I still recommend Lian Xiang Lou!

发哥 茶餐厅 Brother Fat

Hong Kong Cha Chan Teng in Guangzhou. It’s quite worth trying though.

1, Tao Jin North Road, Yuexiu District

Tel: +86 20 8358 7997

Wanton noodle

It’s rather delicious. I’m not sure because we’re hungry or it’s really nice. The wanton has quite a big crunchy prawn accompanied with QQ noodles. One pathetic thing is they only give 1 strand of vege. “-_-

Stir fried pork with bitter gourd 

The meat is tender and juicy. I didn’t taste the bitter gourd as it’s not my fav but my brother in law loves it. So it must be good.

Roasted goose and roasted pork

Roasted goose is just so-so. I think Hong Kong’s goose is much more juicy. I just recommend the roasted pork. Crispy on the top and not hard to chew on the bottom. A more preferred choice of the two.

Long bean with garlic

Oh well, just a normal vege. Nothing very great about it but definitely not too bad. haha!

We tried some of their dim sum too but if you want to try more food, save your tummy space for other food. Dim sum are nicer in Hong Kong.

Hunan Food

You can find Hunan food at many places in Guangzhou. You must love spicy food or willing to take the challenge to try it. I recommend a dish that is very nice. Once you start, you can’t stop.

Stir fried spicy frog 香辣田鸡 (RMB59)

It’s spiciness builds up fire in your body but it’s delicious. The frog is Q and very covered with the spicy sauce. If you’re not good with spicy food, this dish will make you cry cause you can’t stop eating!

Pebble smartwatch delayed, Date unknown!

Pledged 2 Pebble myself, September shipment already seems pretty long but still can deal with it. Unfortunately, just noticed Official Pebble tweeted about delay (tweet #1, tweet #2, tweet #3, tweet #4, tweet #5) of the Pebble Shipment with undecided date.

(Pebble Founder, Eric Migicovsky on the work)

Hopefully it won’t take too long for the production. No matter what, Pebble’s concept is still the best (currently) with full of great future potential, they need to speed up and take down smart-watch segment in the market quick before big boys (ex: Samsung‘s flexible OLED screens or iWatch from Apple maybe?) stepped in.