XDA: Smart Stay App Beta

Friend of mine shared this news to me since i’m using HTC One X. If you doesn’t know what is Smart Stay yet, it is one of the Samsung Galaxy S3 feature utilizes the front facing camera to detect user’s eye, where the display won’t be shut off when user is looking at the screen.

Tested on HTC One X since morning, it still working good. Battery seems normal and no bugs detected yet. To try on the beta, just download the .apk file, install, launch it and activate Smart Stay Beta to “ON“. As images below:

XDA Senior Member elnoxvie is running beta tests for a similar app. While posted in the Galaxy S II forums, there are reports of it working on other devices such as the HTC One X, as of the most recent update.

The app is easy enough to install. Simply download the beta and install it. From there, the app works nearly identically to the original. The app runs in the background—reportedly with very few resources needed—and the front facing camera monitors whether you’re looking at it. Then it deals with the screen accordingly.

The beta is only open til the 29th, when lite and premium versions will be released on the Google Play Store. Despite the list of known working devices being mainly newer, high spec’d devices, this application should work on nearly every phone with a front facing camera.

(XDA: Beta Testers Needed for SmartStay Clone)

Download: smartstayV1.0.3_sound_fix.apk

Visit XDA original thread for more info: “Need Beta Tester for Smart Stay App

SCKLM: Race Result and Photo links

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*Update #2: You can now check your finishing photos at Marathon Photos. Just key in race event name: Kl Marathon 2012 and your name to search the images.

You can check your split time and nett time with “TRACK ME IN SCKLM 2012!“, from Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012 Official website. key in your or friend’s name, bib or city to search from the record.

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