Plants War: Best Free Real-time Battle Strategy Game

This is one of the best free game i ever played on Android, Plants War. A DoTA-like Real-Time Tactical Stratergy gam. Plants War is a mobile devices game released by Seoul Company GAMEVIL®, funded by both KOCCA, GAMEVIL® and developed by IDEABOX.

The game developed with nice 3D graphics, smooth commmand action and no annoying advertisement will be seen on game play as others free games(ex: Cut the Rope, Angry Birds)
Plants War is best to play with bigger screen devices and multi-core processors, noticed lag on my old xperia Arc handset.

Download Links:

Google Play Store : Plants War for Android
App Store: Plants War for iOS

The story of Plants War takes place after humans have abandoned Earth, leaving it riddled with pollution. Only one haven remains, and it is the Dryad Forest, supplied by the magical Lake Naiad. In this epic battle between Plants and Beasts, players must help Leafy and his plant friends defend the sacred lake from the Beasts.

Players command and train their Heroes to storm the Beasts’ bases. Users control one main Hero as multiple spawn automatically attack enemy forces. Successful strategy and a customized level up of Hero characters enable a player to advance in levels and achievements. Plants War boasts a wide variety of multiple Heroes with unique abilities. Special achievements and award systems enable users to upgrade their characters and advance in different levels. With stunning 3D graphics and zoom control, players can enjoy the game in Normal, Hard and Hell modes for endless play.

 (Gamevil: IR Letter)