Google I/O 2012: Four new announcements

There are 4 new consumer products include new version of Android and new Nexus devices been announced from Google I/O 2012 event, as below:

i) Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

New Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean, Builds on top of Ice Cream Sandwich with smoother, faster and snappier response. It will start rolling out over-the-air updates to Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom and Nexus S on Mid-July. Click here for “Jelly Bean 4.1 walkthrough” video done by Aaron Baker from Phonedog.

ii) Google Now

Smart personal search assistant which is actually big update on Google existing search and voice search to compete with Apple’s Siri. Google Now uses information-filled “cards” to response as search result instead of browser based result. Click here for the comparison between Siri and Google from TechnoBuffalo.

iii) Nexus 7

Asus build table that comes with 7-inch 1280×800 HD display, 1.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, Android 4.1 Jellybean, Check out spec details here. Nexus 7 will cost $199 for 8GB and $249 for 16GB, start shipping Mid-July. Click here for “Google Nexus 7 Unboxing” video, done by Aaron Baker from Phonedog.

iv) Nexus Q

A wireless media (music and video) streaming device that connect to speakers and TV. Nexus Q control by using Android phone or tablet. “It’s the first-ever social streaming device—like a cloud-connected jukebox where everyone brings their own music to the party. Available first in the U.S., you can preorder Nexus Q today from Google Play for $299, and it will ship mid-July.” (Source: Android Official Blog)

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO: $1 Promotion until July 1, 2012

Endomondo celebrating their milestone of 10 Million users by offering the PRO version for $1 until July 1, 012, which normally price at $3.99. Although Endomondo still lacking of audio feedback options (ex: speed feedback, distance cues, current speed feedback and a creepy audio coach) compare to Nike+ and Runkeeper. But i believe they will included those features in future updates, $1 is really a stealing price. Pro features as below:

  • Interval programs: Choose from three programs or create your own and let the audio coach guide you
  • Graphs: View graphs with your lap times, heart rate, speed and altitude throughout the workout
  • Beat yourself: Set a previous workout as your goal and the audio coach will help you perform better this time
  • Low power mode: Increase the battery standby time by using this feature for long workouts
  • Time goal: Choose a duration for your workout and the audio coach will help you reach the time goal
  • Calorie goal: Set a calorie goal for your workout and the audio coach will guide you
  • For Malaysian user, go to Google Play Store: Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO. Purchase it using your Visa card by simply key-in your card numbers and personal details.

    Endomondo Sports Tracker sites:

    Google Play Store: Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO
    Official Site:
    Blog: Endomondo Blog
    Facebook: Endomondo

    Majestic Restaurant at New Majestic Hotel

    I was cordially being invited to taste this set of luxurious meal at the New Majestic Hotel.

    Here is my verdict. This is my tastes without even knowing what the menu serves.
    Disclaimer: Taste is a very personal experience. What tingles my tongue does not necessary tingles yours. :p

    Choice of the night is one of Cheg Yong’s signature.

    When it’s served…

    Sliced Peking Duck with Pan Seared Foie Gras and Banana topped with Black Caviar

    I am not sure if the sliced peking duck skin should come with a little meat as it feels empty. So I wrapped the foie gras together. The foie gras pan seared nicely with a very fragrant outer layer and the inside is very soft. The banana is coated with a layer of torched sugar which is crispy. The caviar should be eaten with foie gras than banana but it’s layed on top of the banana.

    Double-boiled Sea Treasures Soup with Superior Shark’s Fin and Black Truffle

    This is very good! The soup’s taste is “enough fire” 够火候 as Chinese says it. There are many treasures which some of them are chicken and mushroom. I’m not a fan of black truffle as it’s bitter.

    Baked Fillet of Fish with Sauteed Egg White Crabmeat Sauce

    This fish is nice which outer layer rather fragrant with sauce but it’s only nice when it’s eaten alone. If you eat the egg white with the fish, you will not be able to taste the fish’s fragrant. The egg white’s taste is so strong that even you can’t taste the crabmeat sauce. I prefer to have only the fish and some “special” or fragrant sauce.

    Braised South African Dried Abalone with Beancurd and Garden Greens in Ancient style (25 head)

    When this plate is served, I was expecting to smell the fragrant sauce but instead I smell green more. The brocolli’s smell is stronger than the sauce? I had to have the brocolli first then after I could smell the nice sauce fragrant. Abalone is nice but I think it’s just a little soft. Should it be a little Q? The beancurd is fragrance, especially the outer layer which I like!

    Stewed Boston Lobster Noodles with Ginger and Spring Onion

    The lobster is fresh and Q which is nice. It’s good enough with just a little of the noodle sauce. It’s advisable to eat the lobster with the noodle. As I don’t eat ginger and spring onion, the noodle becomes very plain towards tasteless. I was expecting some “dried egg noodle” taste but it’s not there. I think I would enjoy more with just the lobster.

    They have a list for choice of desserts, mainly on pudding, puree and hot dessert. So we had DURIAN!

    Crispy Durian

    It’s fried durian ice cream. The outer flour is crispy but does not taste oily which is good but the durian ice cream’s taste is not very strong for a durian lover.

    “Mao Shan Wang” Durian

    Real durian served with a long biscuit. Is it the durian season? The durian did not taste fresh enough but the taste is definitely stronger than the durian ice cream. It’s new to eat with the biscuit. Not bad~~

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Wallpapers

    Official wallpapers on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean are now available for download, thanks to kovdev . Just download the .apk file, install it and apply the wallpaper from Android wallpapers setting. Tested on Xperia Arc and HTC One X, both works well.

      Download Link: JellyBeanWalls.apk

    For rooted device, Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean boot animation ( is available to install too. Kindly refer here for more details as it might not work well for devices other than Galaxy Nexus.

      Android Authority “Android Jelly Bean Goodies: Boot Animation and Wallpapers