Sygic: Android GPS Navigation for Malaysia

I have tried Papago X5, HTC Locations that pre-loaded in HTC devices and Navit. Current the top in my list is Sygic, it features everything that GPS nagivation should have (GPS coordinates input that Papago X5 miss out, POI symbols that HTC locations don’t have and smooth beautiful 3D graphics that Navit lacked of).

Sygic GPS Navigation

Play Store: Sygic: GPS Navigation
Official Site: Sygic GPS Navigation for Android
Price for Malaysia and Singapore Maps: USD 42.99

You can try it by download from Google Play Store, but trial version will only last for 7 Days, to get unlimited license, you’ll need to purchase license from I have installed it on HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy Note, it works perfectly.

Also note that the application doesn’t need Data connection to navigate, Sygic only require GPS to work.

Steps to Install:

i) Download Sygic from Google Play Store
ii) It will ask permission to install after download complete, just install it.
Launch the app name “Sygic” in your application drawer after Installation complete
iii) Skip the Email sign-in part
iv) It will generate a list of maps, Choose “Asia” -> “Malaysia”
v) Let it download 510 MB file
vi) After download completed, activate “GPS”, re-launch the app and Navigation is ready

    • aLBuaH
    • May 30th. 2012 7:24am

    hi there,
    nice blog u have here, sygic are great with fast 3D map + gps lock but can lead to false info like my place @ taman delima , kajang it show…

    anyway i use it & also ‘Ndrive’ – much accurate map but gps lock like papago x5. need clear sky to lock 😀

      • B3ar
      • May 30th. 2012 10:32am

      Good day, aLBuaH. Never try on Ndrive yet, will check it out when i got chance. Thanks for the info.

    • sunny
    • Aug 21st. 2012 12:16pm

    I tried to install yet see nothing in Asia map…am I installing the wrong thing?so curious as I install n uninstall for twice but get the same result,still…

      • B3ar
      • Aug 22nd. 2012 5:26am

      hi there, it do need times to display all available maps. The map should be right there.