Hong Kong – More cravings

Second priority of my Hong Kong trip after Jacky Cheung’s concert is food! I have yet to try many more but how much can we eat in a day? Gosh~~ I wish I have many stomachs or I can digest in a finger snap time.

Ho Hung Kee 何洪记粥面专家

A restaurant famous for wanton mee 云吞面 and harzi mee 虾子面. I found this shop while looking for famous harzi mee.

2, Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Tel: +852 2577 6558

Hours: 11:30 – 23:00

Zha Jiong Noodle 京都炸酱捞面 (HKD56)

Although it’s the same name 炸酱面, but it is not the same as how Taiwan or China did it. It’s pork cooked in tomato sauce on noodles. I love the noodle which is thinner than normal, it’s Q and most importantly, very little to no alkaline water 碱水taste.

A noodle I will go back for.

Harzi Noodle with Wanton 虾子捞面

I have heard of this noodle for so long and yet I’ve not tried it before until now. It’s wanton noodle sprinkled with prawn powder. After you mix then all up, I can’t taste the prawn powder at all. So, unless you want to try the powder, just go without. The noodle is good enough.

Dumpling 水饺

The dumpling is delicious without words to describe. :p

Cong Sou Dessert Shop 聰嫂星級甜品

Unit G1, Holiday Inn Express,
No. 33, Sharp Street East,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Tel: +852 2278 2622

Hours: 12:30 – 00:30

The above picture was purposely taken darker to be able to see the shop’s name. It is not a “black” shop, instead it’s a highly recommended shop by many others and also recommended by me. 🙂 Expect to queue!

Durian Crystal Pearl 榴莲水晶珠 (HKD30)

This is a VERY durian dessert. I LOVE!!! I felt so guilty after having this letting the durian taste linger in my mouth. I sincerely apologise to mini bus people. :p

Iced Longan Nate de Coco 龙眼椰果冰 (HKD26)

Don’t get disappointed by the looks. It’s a recommended dessert and yes! I recommend! It’s SUPER longan! Refreshing and delicious.

Shek Mo Fong 石磨防

88 Hak Po Street, Mongkok


Tel: +852 2398 9490

Hours: 14:45 – 02:00

A dessert at late hours, find it here!

Japanese style Creme Brulee 日式焦糖鲜奶燉蛋 (HKD15)

Steamed milk egg topped with torched sugar and decorated with a small red bean. It’s delicious and not too sweet. No doubt you can have another if your stomach allows.

Mango Black Glutinous Rice Sesame Roll 香芒黑糯米芝麻卷 (HKD26)

With high expectation comes with high disappointment. We were so excited and expected it to be a cold dessert but it’s actually a warm dessert. Mango and black glutinous wrapped with black rice wrapper. The black glutinous proportion is so much more than the mango that I can’t really taste the mango. It would be better if it’s cold.

Shek Mo Fong Self creation 自製石磨坊撈河 (HKD23)

Coconut noodle topped with fresh mango and mango puree with 3 sweet potato and yam balls (additional HKD6). It’s nice and refreshing taste. Something different.

Tim Ho Wan, Dim Sum Specialist 添好運點心專門店

Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station (Podium Level 1, IFC Mall) Central


Tel: +852 2332 3078

Hours: 09:00 – 21:00

They have many other outlets that you can go. The main one is at Mongkok which you must be prepared to queue for a very long time.

They have just this page of choices to order but will be able to keep you satisfied and full. Good things come in small package. ^_^

What we had…

Mun chicken feet with abalone sauce 美味鮑汁鳳爪  (HKD25)

It’s tasty and I like the little saltiness from the abalone sauce. However, the feet’s nails are still visible. If it an unbearable sight for you, then don’t order.

Steamed rice roll stuffed with barbecued pork 蜜味叉燒腸 (HKD20)

The rice roll is very thick with little pork. It’s just ok-ok.

Steamed beef ball with bean curd skin 陳皮牛肉球 (HKD14)

This is one of people’s recommended dish and I would recommend it if I don’t dislike the chinese basil taste. It’s minced beef ball with chinese basil. I’m not a fan of any basil. The meat is tender and juicy.

Steamed pork dumpling with shrimp 鮮蝦燒賣皇 (HKD23)

This is nice! It’s a tightly squeezed dumpling which is fragrant and chewy.

Steamed fresh shrimp dumpling 晶瑩鮮蝦餃 (HKD23)

Ha gao in Hong Kong has never disappoint me. I love the crunchiness of the shrimp. Cannot stop having more!

Steamed sparerib with black bean sauce 豉汁蒸排骨 (HKD14)

The pork is tender which is nice but it would be better with more black bean sauce. Not so satisfied.

Deep fried shrimp roll filled with shrimp 錦繡蝦春卷 (HKD20)

I got disappointed when this came with normal popiah skin rather than the bean curd skin. It’s not bad but just tasted normal. It is a nothing-special dish.

Tonic medlar & petal cake 杞子桂花糕 (HKD12)

A must-try!!! It’s not too sweet and refreshing with a nice flower fragrant. No matter how full I was, I can have many of this. Good!

Yee Shun Milk Company 港澳義順牛奶公司

G/F, 506 Lockhard Road, Causeway Bay.


Tel: +852 2591 1837

Hours: 12:00 – 00:00

They are all over Hong Kong with about 3 more other outlets at Yau Ma Tei, Prince Edward and Jordan. They also have 2 outlets in Macau.

They have many choices but my all time favourite and the only thing I order from this place is…

Cold double skin milk pudding 雙皮燉奶 (HKD25)

The crumbled topped adds on the flavour to the milk pudding which I love. Even writing about it now make me crave for it. *tummy growl*

Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園

Shop 26, LG, Chung King Mansion (Woodhouse), 36-44, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


Tel: +852 2316 2311

Hours: 08:00 – 21:30

One of the traditional cha chan teng and yes! I do recommend! Unfortunately, I only went during breakfast with ONLY breakfast meals.

Macaroni with ham in tomato soup

My favourite! The soup is delicious to the last drop. Can I have another bowl? :p

Condensed milk toast

This is a must! If you love butter sugar toast, you will love this more. It’s crunchy! Remember to eat it while it’s hot!

Mizuno BioGear Shirt & 2XU Compression Calf Sleeves

Bought 2 running accessories at Mid Valley The Garden recently, as below:

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