Shanghai – Another intermittent food indulgence

It is spring in Shanghai but the weather is like 80% windy, rainy, hazy and 20% summer. How should a spring season be in Shanghai? Definitely, not a beautiful photo view of the city.

First night’s cravings start with huge portion of Korean food. When has Korean food portion been small with all those appetiser dishes?

Korean BBQ 炉边谈情

Unit 53A, Thumb Plaza, Fang Dian Road, Pudong.


Tel : +86 021 50337255
This place is more famous for their Korean BBQ which looks like the left picture but it would be too much for one. So I tried to order something closest to BBQ.
Korean appetiser platter
Korean food always starts with some appetisers which comes in different plates each. This comes in like a platter. There is sweet pumpkin (middle), cold mushrooms (right), kimchi (bottom), rice cake with chilli sauce (left), and kimchi asparagus (top).
Roast beef 烤牛肉
You can cook it yourself or have the waiter to it for you. I had the waiter to it while I enjoy the appetiser platter. After it’s cooked, you can eat it with rice or wrap it with lettuce.
This roast beef tasted good. The beef is slices very thinly and it absorbs the sauce.The saucy tender meat is delicious which I wrap it and rice with lettuce.
All these inclusive of a kimchi soup costs RMB90.
Lapis Thai Cuisine & Lounge 藏珑泰极
The environment of the building of this restaurant is very nice downstairs but the Thai restaurant is upstairs but the ambience it still good and it’s more quiet and personal.

First floor ambience (Taiwan cuisine), find the stairs on the left and follow the sign.

Thai cuisine ambience


Unit 19, No.199, Thumb Plaza, Fang Dian Road, Pudong.


Tel : +86 021 50339223

This Thai restaurant is very localised to Shanghainese taste. You will see what I mean. Find 1 thing that’s similar.

Thai Papaya salad 青木瓜沙律 (RMB58.00)
Spicy, a little. Sweet, a little. The little sweetness of the sauce has covered the mango’s sourness which I expected it to be.
Spicy Fried Minced Pork 香辣炒肉碎 (RMB58.00)
Spicy, a little. Sweet, a little. It’s a nice dish just that it’s has a little sweetness rather than spiciness. Sweet black sauce? Still nice with plain rice.
Stir Fried Thai Rice Noodle 炒金边粉 (RMB58.00)
This non-spicy noodle dish is actually very nice. It taste like it’s stir fried with ketchup. If you’re not spicy fan, this is a very nice noodle. A good enough “wok heat” 锅气 dish with crunchy prawns.
If you know mandarin, can anyone tell me what is 金边粉?
Spicy & Sour Chicken with coconut milk soup 椰汁鸡汤 (RMB68.00)
Tomyum soup that is not called tomyum in the menu. I understand why. Spicy, very little. Sweet, a little. Coconut milk, quite a lot. Breaking the term down makes it sound like it’s not a nice soup but actually it is but of course if you have tried the authentic coconut milk tomyum, this is nothing close.
Assorted Snack Platter 四式拼盘 (RMB110.00)
4 types of assorted Thai appetisers. Chicken satay, fish cake, prawn cake and spring roll. The chicken satay is tender and not too dry, which is nice. Fish cake and prawn cake tasted normal not very heavy on the fish and prawn taste. Spring roll is crispy on the outside and vegetable on the inside, just normal.
Tuna House 海遊吞拿
2nd Floor, No.199, Thumb Plaza, Fang Dian Road, Pudong.


Tel : +86 021 50179069
A Japanese restaurant which provides buffet (about RMB168 per person) or a la carte.
Salmon belly with salmon roe sushi
This is good! I can have non-stop supply of this. It’s melts in your mouth with salmon’s taste. A repeat definitely, if I’m on buffet.
Tuna sushi
This is a very different kind of tuna which I do not know. It’s not in the normal dark maroon colour and I wonder if the colour faded from the thin-sliced fish. It’s fresh but does not give me a “tuna” satisfaction.
Salmon roe sushi
I think it taste the same everywhere for this. The difference is only whether it’s fresh enough and I think this is good enough but not yet enough. :p
Three sets of sushi costs RMB127.
Glo London Shanghai
No. 1 Wulumuqi South Road
Shanghai 200031, China.
Tel: +86 21 6466 6565
This place accomodates different lifestyle with different food and different ambience for different purpose.
Ground floor – Bakery Cafe
First floor – Gastro Grill
Second floor – Lounge Bar
Rooftop – Rooftop BBQ
Other than eat-in, they have pizza delivery. Check out their website for more!
Because it’s for dinner, we went for Gastro Grill. Warning, the portions are big.

Crispy caesar salad (RMB78)

The vegetables are fresh which live up to its “crispy salad” with quail eggs, parmesan cheese slices, bacon strips, some olives and 2 slices of very crispy garlic bread. I loved the garlic bread for the crispiness and the garlic taste would not linger in my mouth. It’s topped with their special sauce which is nice.

Beer-battered cod (RMB158)
It’s fried cod fish with pea and tartar sauce accompanied with some onion rings and chips. It was unexpected to see my cod fish not being white. The coating was crispy which covered the cod’s taste but it tasted fresh. The chips are quite nice but after too many pieces, it becomes too dry if not eaten with the sauces.
No comment on onion rings. x_x
Chargrilled whole squid (RMB189)
Grilled squid? Surprising delicious texture but just like expected, it’s a plain taste of squid with grill taste. It’s better with sauce.
Half slab of baby back ribs (RMB155)
The taste of the marinate is alright but meat is not tender and juicy enough. It can be completed only with the BBQ sauce.
Baileys & White chocolate cheesecake
The cheesecake is rather cheesy which I like but it’s too boring to eat if without the strawberry puree on top. I think the biscuit base is not thick enough which makes you feel “too much cheese” by the third taste. This can only be bareable for cheese fan. Baileys? Didn’t tasted it in the cake.
Ju Xiang Ge 聚湘阁

That man made this restaurant look scary :p


No.199, No. 40, Thumb Plaza, Fang Dian Road, Pudong.


Hunan dish restaurant. We decided on this restaurant because the dish that everyone is eating attracted us and it’s our turn to try!

Two Colour Fish Head 双色鱼头 (RMB58) 
Using mud fish, it’s sliced half, split with two, steamed and topped with different type of sauces, chilli (red) and spicy salted vege (yellow). Hunan dish is famous for spiciness and this is spicy for me but still edible spicy. It also somes with a plate of noodle which can eat with the soya sauce and fish. I liked the noodle.

Spicy pork rib 干锅掌中宝 (RMB68)

This is one of the recommended dish by the restaurant but it’s not one that I would recommend. It is spicy, yes but the pork rib has very little meat. Mostly soft bone which was not so soft and hard bones which some were crisped. The taste is quite nice though.

Bi Feng Tang 避风塘

No. 168, 8th Floor, Super Brand Mall, Lujiazui Road, Pudong, Shanghai.

陆家嘴西路168号八层 正大广场

Tel: +86 021 22065228

A chinese restaurant chain store in Shanghai. The food are generally rather oily.

Ginger Chicken 沙姜三黄鸡 (RMB36)

It’s soya sauce chicken. A little oily and the chicken has very little meat. Not that I recommend.

Fermented beancurd lettuce 白灼腐乳唐生菜 (RMB23)
The vegetable is nice with the fermented beancurd but it becomes a little oily for the last few pieces of lettuce as there’s oil on the base of the bunch of vegetables. The fermented beancurd is only on the top. So if you like the fermented beancurd, it won’t be enough to share.

Dried Scallop with Roasted Pork Fried Rice 瑶柱叉烧炒饭 (RMB29)

The fried rice’s fragrant is nice. I couldn’t really taste the dried scallop as there were shredded but I tasted the char siew. Overall, not too bad.

Fried Beef Hor Fun 干炒牛肉河粉 (RMB29)

Is tasted nice but too oily. The beef texture is just alright. It would be better just with a little less oil.

Crispy prawn rice wrap 脆皮锦绣虾仁肠粉 (RMB21)
This must be eaten when it’s served, then the inner layer remains crispy. It’s like friend spring roll wrapped with rice wrap (chee cheong fun). It’s nice.

Food republic at Thumb Plaza

A taste of China’s food court. All food looks good but I could only have a stomach to feed this much.

Location: Basement of Carrefour at Thumb Plaza, Fang Dian Road.

Les Beautes Shabu Shabu 漂亮石头火锅

Assorted Fillet Beef Meat Set 精选肥牛套餐 (RMB33) + No.1 Assorted Mushroom Hot Pot Soup 一品菌菇锅 (RMB5) + Sour Plum Juice 酸梅汁 (RMB8)

It’s quite a good and full meal. The beef slices are good and delicious. The soup is clear but becomes thick and oily after you start dipping the beef slices but it’s expected. So, I ate the beef slices last. Soup is refillable. Sour plum juice is too sweet. Skip the drink if you can be satisfied with the soup.

Les Beautes Teppanyaki 牛比羊大

Fillet Mignon 非力牛排 + Teppanyaki Boneless Chicken 无骨鸡腿 + Japan Steamed Egg 日式蒸蛋 + Bean Sprout with Garlic 蒜香银芽 + Seasoned Vegetables 季节蔬菜 + Steamed Rice 白饭 + Soup 例汤 (all for RMB78)

Both beef fillet and chicken were tender cooked with black pepper with rather nice vegetables. I love the steamed egg with egg roe where the egg roe gave the steamed egg some flavour. A place that I don’t mind to be back for.

Mini-SIM and Micro-SIM Card Dimensions

Apple products such as iPhone and iPad uses Micro-SIM, which more and more recent Android Phone are switching to it too, such as Sony Xperia S, HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy SIII. Perhaps these Android manufactures wants to attract and make easier transition for Apple users out there.

Both Mini-SIM (Standard GSIM SIM) and Micro-SIM are atually using same chip size and no differences in functions. Refer to images below:

(Image Source: Celcom Free Micro SIM)

Mini-SIM and Micro-SIM Card Dimensions:

(Image Source: Celcom Free Micro SIM)

I got the SIM card cut done in local store nearby house which only cost RM 3.00 where price in Damansara Uptown offer the service by charging RM 10. However, all of them using this kind of SIM cutter as below:

(Image Source:

If you want to cut it by yourself, follow the dimensions as image blow and refer this article: “How to make Micro SIM for iPad And iPhone 4 from a mini SIM” for detail steps:

(Image Source: