PJ Dawn 2012: Race Result & Digital Certificate

(3a.m. at Kelana Jaya Stadium)

Runners can check race PJ Dawn official race result at this web site: http://register.pjdawn.com/check_result

Just key in email address and IC number that same as your registration. Digital Certificate also available on the website after you log-in.

    • chuan teck geong
    • May 14th. 2012 11:26am

    finisher tee shirt in front design not good

      • B3ar
      • May 14th. 2012 11:40am

      Agree. Not comfortable too, feels like something sticking on chest.

    • Jul 2nd. 2012 1:09pm

    very well organised and it was a beautiful run and a good experience.

    • Abby Soo
    • Jul 26th. 2012 7:43pm

    Hi there,

    Can we still log in to the website to print our certificate? I do not receive any hard-copy certificate till now.



      • B3ar
      • Jul 27th. 2012 2:18am

      Their official site seems to be down. You may respond to their FB: http://www.facebook.com/pjdawn and request them to email the certificate.

        • Abby Soo
        • Aug 23rd. 2012 4:12pm

        Thanks so much! 🙂

          • B3ar
          • Aug 25th. 2012 1:42am

          You’re welcome.

    • Seri Persona
    • Sep 20th. 2012 3:10pm


    The above website is not available to view the race result and download the digital certificate. Can anyone help me please? Thanks in advance.

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