Nanxun Ancient Town, Huzhou 南浔古镇,湖州

A day’s outing out of Shanghai going back to an ancient town was great and would be better if they can have live museum where you see people dressed up and live like how they are done traditionally.

It is about 2 hours drive from Puxi and 2.5 hours from Pudong.

This town is over 700 years of history which would take about a day to tour the whole place. Their operating hours are 08.00 to 17.00 (summer) and 08.00 to 17.30 (winter).

Maps are courtesy of the official website:

The admission fee for the whole place is RMB100 but you can just enter without purchasing the ticket first and pay individual attraction separately.

We arrived for lunch with a local experience by the river and the air breezing through with smelly tofu’s pungent smell.

Nanxun famous: Smelly tofu 臭豆腐

闻闻臭 入口香 Smell smelly but fragrant after enter the mouth

You will see this kind of stalls every where in this place. The serene place does not smell of fresh air but smelly tofu. Where can you find such special combination?

Did I try? I don’t even take onion. Smelly tofu? Sorry I chicken-ed out.

Double Bridge Noodle Shop 双桥面馆

At the corner of Tong Li Bridge 通利桥 and Jiang Jia Bridge 将家桥

That’s how they use as the shop’s name. It’s one of the most stategic and crowded place once you enter the town area.

Chicken and mushroom soup noodle

This noodle advertised being the most noodle of this shop but is sold out at around 6am. Wow! really? It’s because they only cook 1 chicken per day. It’s sold out once the chicken is finished. *wondering* How many people get a chance to taste it?

Pork belly + Fried fish + Salted vegetable noodle

A recommended noodle by the owner which I see most people are eating and we additionally ordered dumplings.

I love this noodle. The pork belly is marinated stew and fried fish is not oily. Both meat taste is good with combination of the salty vegetable in the soup and soft noodle. The dumpling is nothing fancy but it’s a very “local” taste. If I wasn’t full, I can have another bowl.

2 bowls of noodle and 1 bowl of 9 dumplings costs RMB48.

Little Lotus Garden 小莲庄

Our first attraction stop. A place was completed since 1924 being one of the famous garden in Nanxun and was owned by one of the top 4 “millionaires” merchants in old days. The time of our visit did not show the bloom of any lotus but with the serene environment, you can imagine how beautiful it can be when the lotus pond is bloom.

River Cruise 水上之游

If you don’t have much time and would like to take a brief look at the whole place, the river cruise is the best option. One journey from first point at Little Lotus Garden 小莲庄 to the last point at Baijian Building 百间楼 takes about half hour is there is no stop in between. You can relax and enjoy the view around.

The river cruise price below are for max of 8 person per boat
1) Round trip – RMB360 per boat
2) Single trip to last stop – RMB240 per boat
3) Single trip to half way – RMB120 per boat
We were able to negotiate the price to be RMB240 for a round trip.

The start of the river cruise journey

The back of shops and restaurants

Taoism temple

Residentials back “alley”

Mostly residentials towards second half of the journey

Last point at Baijian Building

 Baijian Building 百间楼

A place with about 100 rooms of residential buildings constructed for the servants of the Minister of Cultural and Education Bureau during Ming Dynasty.

Guanghui Bridge 广惠桥

This bridge is enlisted the the city’s heritage preservation list. It was first rebuild in 1800 with 24 steps on each side.

There are more ancient residentials that we didn’t visit. Half a day would not allow us alot of time to walk the place. It’s a place you can relax from the bustles of city life.

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