HTC One X: Tips

After using the HTC One X for a week, here are the things that i found out:


  • Screen Shot #1: Capture screenshot by press on Power button and then Home button.
  • Screen Shot #2: Power button + Vol down button for 2 secs
  • Lock screen short-cut: It actually follows Home-Screen short cut
  • Internet Pass-through: Reverse Tethering, use computer as a modem through USB
  • Sound Enhancer: Beats technology will be applied when earphones(any brand) plugged in.
  • Task Manager: Stopping running applications using Task Manager
  • Restart: Long press power button (it will start countdown for restart)
  • Quick uninstallation: Long press and drag application from app drawer to uninstall
  • Best Wi-Fi Performance: Go to “Setiings”->”Wi-Fi”->”Menu”->”Advance”->tick “Best Wi-Fi Performance”
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